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July 14, 2016

Powering up with plants and helping farm animals

Humane Society International

  • Promoting Green Monday in South Africa. Katarzyna Willemse/House of Vizion

  • Meatless Monday in Brazil. HSI

  • Celebrity supporter in Mexico, Marco Antonio Regil. HSI

  • Spreading the word in a variety of ways. HSI

  • Materials from Brazil. HSI

  • The Meatless Monday team in Mexico. HSI

  • Supporters gathered for the launch of the Green Monday initiative in Viet Nam. HSI

Across the world, HSI makes it fun, easy, and affordable for people to help farm animals by swapping out the eggs, meat, and dairy on their plates with delicious, healthy plant-based foods. Read our Guide to Meat Free Meals to learn how even modest reductions in meat consumption helps animals, the planet, and our own health. Then sign up to receive free weekly meat-free recipes so you can join the growing number of compassionate consumers across the globe who are eating leaner, greener, and more humanely.

Latin America

Brazil has been a trailblazer in the meat-free movement with major cities, including São Paulo, exclusively providing meatless lunches to all public schoolchildren on Mondays. We’re working with other school districts nationwide, including Campos do Jordão, to implement 100 percent plant-based meals at their public schools every Monday, and we’re making it easy by hosting plant-based culinary trainings and workshops for chefs across the country.

Take the Meatless Monday pledge!

HSI has also hosted events for chefs in Mexico, where Eurest (Compass Group Mexico), the country's leading food service provider, is implementing Meatless Monday at its clients’ corporate cafeterias. The movement has gained tremendous support from dozens of Mexican celebrities who are popularizing plant-based eating throughout the country through their social media posts.

We partnered with the Universidad Latina, the largest private university in Costa Rica, to launch Meatless Monday on its campus. A growing number of restaurants in the country and other parts of Latin America are also adopting Meatless Monday.

South Africa

South Africans are going Green. Dozens of food retailers, consumer groups, and celebrities are encouraging people to swap out the animal products in their diets with healthier and more sustainable plant-based foods at least one day a week—largely as a result of HSI’s Green Monday campaign, which won a national award for creative NGO media campaigns. HSI is hosting culinary workshops for elite restaurant chefs as well as home chefs to demonstrate that plant-based cooking can be affordable and easy, in addition to healthy and delicious. Check out this video from one of events featuring traditional Xhosa recipes and targeting home chefs in the township of Philippi.


Green Monday is also gaining ground in Viet Nam, where a growing number of restaurants are coming on board by increasing their plant-based menu options. Our lead partner in northern Viet Nam, IOGT-VN, has begun incorporating plant-based meals and cooking into their recovery and rehab program for former drug addicts, and the nation’s premier Buddhist organization has joined with HSI to promote plant-based eating to the region’s large Buddhist population.

Similar success is being achieved in India and throughout South Asia, where a growing number of influential institutions and personalities are encouraging people to reconsider their food choices.


HSI/Europe boldly set a goal of a 30 percent reduction in animal product consumption across the EU by 2030, and a number of policy makers quickly endorsed it. Our EU team is now working with stakeholders in government, civil society, and the private sector to develop and implement programs to achieve that target. Our work was highlighted at an event we co-sponsored at the international climate change talks in Paris called, “Meat: The big omission from talks on emissions.”

Concurrently, our team in the United Kingdom has launched an Eat Kind campaign, with a video narrated by beloved British actor Martin Freeman.

HSI works with farmers around the world to improve the welfare of animals raised for food. We can all stand up for animals every time we sit down to eat by swapping out the meat on our plates with delicious, healthy plant-based alternatives. Feeling inspired? Join us!

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