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September 9, 2016

Korean #ScienceWithoutSuffering campaign launched by HSI in partnership with leading news outlet Segye Times

Humane Society International

  • #ScienceWithoutSuffering Korean Card News. PETA

Beginning in September, South Koreans will be given an inside look at the hidden world of animal testing thanks to an exciting partnership between Humane Society International and Korean newspaper Segye Times. The organizations have teamed up to create a series of online infographics to inform the public about the hidden cost to animals behind many of the products we use every day, and the exciting growth of “21st century” non-animal testing methods.

From 2013-15, HSI spearheaded a campaign to end cosmetics animal testing and trade in South Korea, which led to the passage of a new law that will go into effect in 2017. Now, we are working with politicians to convince regulators and companies to replace the same cruel and outdated animal tests in other industry sectors, such as chemicals and biocides. Adoption and use of already available alternative methods under Korea’s “K-REACH” chemicals law could spare many thousands of animals from horrific and needless suffering to (re)test existing and new chemicals, without compromising consumer safety.

Byungwook Jo, reporter at Segye Times, said, “We are delighted be a part of supporting HSI’s #ScienceWithoutSuffering campaign. There is an increasing demand for improved safety and health regulations by the public in Korea. To meet this demand, we must promote non-animal tools that are better predictive and protective of human health.”

Launched in 1989, Segye Times is one of Korea’s leading media outlets and is well known for its coverage of social and political issues, having received three national media awards. Segye Times will kick off the Korean campaign launch with publication of two “Card News” features to highlight the limitations of animal use for cruel toxicity testing and how this can be improved based on human biology-based science.

Card News uses a series of “card-like” graphics with limited text to tell a story. With rapid increase in the use of mobile devices, Card News has become a popular way of approaching the audience via digital media.

Korean consumers can show their support for the campaign by visiting the petition page: https://goo.gl/KP03Xg.

휴메인 소사이어티 인터내셔널, 세계일보와 함께 #고통없는과학-Science Without Suffering, 캠페인 첫걸음

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