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November 3, 2010

Cebu City Does Away with Gas Chamber with Help from HSI

Humane Society International

PHILIPPINES (Nov. 3, 2010)—Humane Society International congratulates Cebu city for doing away with tombochas—or gas chambers—that emit toxic exhaust fumes as a method of euthanizing animals. Instead, in a widely applauded move, the city has implemented the internationally accepted and humane standard of euthanasia: injecting sodium pentobarbital.

In addition, HSI and Cebu today announce a partnership for a two-year funded program with the Cebu city government, which includes $25,000 a year for two veterinarians and equipment for spay/neuter surgeries.

In a congratulatory letter to the mayor, The Honourable Michael L. Rama, and lead city veterinarian Alice T. Utlang, Kelly O’Meara, companion animals director for HSI, wrote: “Cebu city has not only surpassed Humane Society International’s expectations, but has also become a leading example for the other provinces within the Philippines, as well as other nations within the Asian subcontinent. It is indeed an honor to partner with you and we look forward to continued progress toward overcoming the many challenges in order to provide a humane environment for animals.”

With training assistance from HSI during the past two years, the city also has implemented or is in the process of implementing other humane methods of managing stray animals:

  • The use of butterfly nets in place of galvanized iron wires to capture dogs;
  • Improved sheltering of animals, involving a move from using small cages crammed with an unacceptable number of dogs to a single dog per kennel policy for a healthier and less stressful environment;
  • Provision of veterinary training on best practices for spay and neuter techniques.


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