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November 13, 2011

HSI and PACMA Denounce the “Toro Jubilo” in Medinaceli

Humane Society International

  • The bull is tethered to a post. PACMA/HSI

  • A lit torch is brought forward. PACMA/HSI

  • Torches attached above the bull's horns are lit. PACMA/HSI

  • Torches flame above his head. PACMA/HSI

  • Bulls are often goaded by onlookers. PACMA/HSI

MADRID, Spain — Humane Society International and the Partido Animalista Contra el Maltrato Animal (PACMA) have denounced the “fire bull” event held in the Spanish town of Medinaceli, which saw a bull endure the torment of having flaming torches attached to his horns as part of the town’s annual “Toro Jubilo” celebration.

Photographs, film and reports obtained of the event showed men attaching a contraption wrapped in flammable material to the horns of a restrained bull, and then setting it alight. Once released, the bull ran around the town square, shaking his head as the flames burned around his horns, while bystanders taunted him.

Silvia Barquero, spokesperson for PACMA, said: “Fire, anxiety and panic caused to the bulls offers a terrible spectacle, so we demand the end of this ‘celebration.’”

“The treatment of the bulls used in these fiestas is shocking” added Kitty Block, vice president of HSI. “The tormenting of animals for amusement can never be acceptable. It is time for Spain to listen to the voices of its compassionate citizens and those from around the world, and bring these brutal performances to an end.”

During fire bull fiestas, bulls not only have to endure torches flaming above their heads, they are also taunted by onlookers as firecrackers explode around them in a grotesque spectacle for the entertainment of spectators.

In addition to this event in the Castilla y León region, fire bull fiestas also take place in the Catalonia and Valencia regions of Spain. Both HSI and Partido Animalista-PACMA condemn all bull fiesta events which cause stress and panic to bulls.


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