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December 27, 2011

2011 Accomplishments

Humane Society International


Thanks to your support, HSI is proud to have helped achieve the following victories for animals in 2011:

Animals in laboratories

  • HSI’s science team negotiated the largest-ever slash in animal testing requirements and uptake of humane alternatives during political negotiations of Europe's new biocidal products (non-food pesticides) regulation.
  • HSI/HSUS established a major consortium of multinational corporations, research institutes and animal advocates with the goal of greatly accelerating and improving toxicity testing without using animals.

Farm animals

  • Animal Welfare Board of India, Ministry of Environment and Forests, government of India banned the use of starvation to force egg-laying hens into a molt phase.
  • Our cage-free initiative is building support in India, Brazil, Mexico and elsewhere in the developing world.

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Companion animals

  • HSI Canada was invited to partner with the Quebec authorities to rescue and eventually find homes for more than 600 dogs and puppies from the largest commercial dog breeding operation in Canada. The facility subsequently pled guilty to 17 charges of violations of the provincial animal welfare law.
  • HSI established a veterinary care and animal welfare center in Haiti in partnership with the Haitian Agriculture Department and the Christian Veterinary Mission. HSI also has provided substantial support to Japan after the March earthquake and sent a response team to Thailand to help local groups dealing with a major flooding event.
  • In the Philippines, Cebu City local government has fully implemented an overall humane animal control program (destroying their gas chambers for killing dogs, replacing wire nooses with humane net capture, and updating all pound management standards and protocols per guidance from HSI). In 2007, 8,800 dogs were gassed; in 2011, 311 dogs were euthanized using a humane injectable method and 3,000 dogs were sterilized.
  • HSI has established a program in the Philippines to train Filipino veterinarians. To date, 45 vets have passed through the program, and we have reports that our "graduates," many of whom are the senior vets on the island, are now implementing spay/neuter approaches to replace culling programs.


  • The European Union adopted legislation requiring the mandatory labeling of animal-derived materials, such as fur and leather, in textile products.
  • The anti-shark finning campaign is gathering steam and the cruel practice is being stopped altogether or curtailed through a range of legislative initiatives shark finning in the U.S., European Union, Taiwan, and Latin America. Additionally, the sale of shark fins has been banned in California, Washington, Oregon, some of the Pacific islands, and the city of Toronto. HSI has also placed anti-shark-finning language on the agenda for international trade agreements.

Looking ahead to 2012

In the year to come, we look forward to making more progress for animals. Plans include:

  • We will work to build momentum with governments to get polar bears listed on Appendix 1 at CITES—which would means no more commercial trade in their hides and heads.
  • We will continue to work to pass legislation banning shark finning in more countries.
  • We will launch a campaign against factory farming in Mexico to end use of gestation crates and battery cages.
  • We will continue working to humanely control street dog populations in India and around the world.
  • We will launch a campaign in the UK for a close shooting season for hares.
  • We will help build wildlife rescue centers in El Salvador and Honduras.
  • We will combat dogfighting in Costa Rica... and much more.
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