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March 21, 2012

Humane Society International and Partners Deliver Petition Asking for Farm Animal Welfare Legislation

More than 5,000 signatures delivered to São Paulo city councilman Roberto Tripoli

Humane Society International

  • HSI and partners deliver petition. Wilson Grassi

  • HSI representatives speak with Councilman Tripoli. Wilson Grassi

  • Tripoli discusses proposal. Wilson Grassi

Humane Society International and its partner organizations presented São Paulo City Councilman Roberto Tripoli with a petition calling for new legislation to protect the welfare of animals used for food in São Paulo. The petition was signed by more than 5,000 Brazilians, and endorsed by leading Brazilian institutions, including Instituto Brasileiro de Defesa do Consumidor, Instituto Ethos de Responsabilidade Social Empresarial, and Repórter Brasil.

Tripoli was receptive to the proposal and agreed to further the debate on farm animal welfare within the government. “The goal is to create an environment that encourages debate around this important issue. This will allow us to identify the best way to move forward,” said Tripoli.

“Around the world, important advances are being made to reduce the suffering of animals raised for food,” said Guilherme Carvalho, HSI campaign manager in Brazil. “Compassion is a universal value and all animals deserve a more humane treatment, including farm animals in Brazil.”

In Brazil, approximately six billion land animals are raised for meat, eggs and milk every year, tens of millions of whom are confined in industrial farm animal production facilities where they may not be able to fully spread their limbs, walk, or experience most natural behaviors.


  • More than 90 percent of eggs in Brazil are produced by birds who spend almost their entire lives confined in small battery cages in which each hen is given less space than a single sheet of letter-sized paper.
  • The majority of breeding sows (female pigs) are confined in individual metal gestation crates for nearly their entire lives, unable to even turn around.

Humane Society International and its partner organizations together constitute one of the world's largest animal protection organizations — backed by 11 million people. For nearly 20 years, HSI has been fighting for the protection of all animals through advocacy, education, and hands-on programs. Celebrating animals and confronting cruelty worldwide — On the Web at hsi.org.