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July 16, 2012

HSI Praises Café de los Deseos Decision to Switch to Cage-Free Labeled Eggs

Humane Society International

  • More and more restaurants are going cage-free. The HSUS

Humane Society International applauds San José restaurant Café de los Deseos for switching from battery cage eggs to eggs labeled as cage-free. Café de los Deseos now joins other socially responsible restaurants in San José that are already using cage-free labeled eggs, including Oasis, Alquimia Healthy, Buena Tierra, Café Kracovia, Cambalache, Veggie House and Jardín del Parque.

In industrial egg production, including in Costa Rica, hens are often confined in cramped battery cages that provide each bird with less space than a single sheet of paper in which to spend her entire life. In battery cages, hens do not have enough space to fully spread their wings, let alone walk or engage in many other important natural behaviors. Cage-free hens generally have two to three times more space per bird than caged hens and are able to act more naturally, as well. Café de los Deseos’ decision resulted from discussions with HSI.

“This change to eggs labeled as cage free shows that Café de los Deseos recognizes the importance of animal welfare to its customers,” said Cynthia Dent, regional director of HSI/Latin America. “Adopting a cage-free egg policy is something every restaurant can do to improve the lives of egg laying hens and to attract consumers who care about the treatment of animals.”

“As soon as we heard about cage-free eggs, we did not hesitate to make the switch. It’s the best way for us as a business to support a better treatment of animals used in food production,” said David Meléndez, owner of Café de los Deseos. “We at Café de los Deseos urge all food retailers to join us in this change. Switching to cage-free eggs does not take any extra effort, and it’s an alternative that supports all aspects of improved welfare.”


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