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July 3, 2012

HSI Disappointed at Rejection of South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary

Delegation at International Whaling Commission meeting also disturbed at humpback whale hunt approval

Humane Society International

  • Early votes at IWC 64 are a major setback for the worldwide whale conservation movement. Laurent Bouveret/www.ommag.info

PANAMA CITY —The  following is a statement from Grettel Delgadillo, program coordinator for Humane Society International/Latin America, on Monday’s vote at the International Whaling Commission meeting rejecting the South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary proposal and Tuesday’s vote approving a humpback whale hunt for St. Vincent and the Grenadine:

“Humane Society International is disappointed by Monday’s rejection of the South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary proposal championed by Latin American member countries of the International Whaling Commission. Although the proponents made a strong case for establishing the sanctuary and fewer countries voted against it than in past years, the proposal did not gain the number of votes required for it to pass. The sanctuary would help to ensure a meaningful sphere of protection for large whales throughout their full life cycle.”

HSI is also disturbed by today’s approval of a humpback whale hunt for St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean in spite of opposition by many countries in our region due to its commercial overtones and impact on whale watching. We commend Costa Rica and other Latin nations for their strong support of whale watching programs—this is where our common future lies in our region and around the world.”


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