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November 21, 2012

HSI Praises Gero for Promoting Animal Welfare

Humane Society International

Humane Society International praises restaurant Gero, Grupo Fasano’s Brasilia-based restaurant, for adopting a cage-free egg procurement policy. The restaurant, led by renowned chef Salvatore Loi, joins a growing number of food retailers both in Brazil and around the world that are improving the lives of farm animals by ending their use of eggs from facilities that intensively confine hens in barren battery cages.

"Offering high quality food is a top priority for Grupo Fasano. We’ve committed to this new policy because not only do the animals have higher welfare, but food safety is also improved when the birds are not confined in cages," said Fernanda Poiani, Fasano’s nutritionist. "Animal protection and public health are growing areas of concern for consumers in Brazil, and we are certain that our customers will be pleased by our new cage-free policy."

Hens in barren battery cages are confined to living areas that provide each bird with less space than a single sheet of paper. Hens don’t have enough space to fully spread their wings, let alone walk or engage in many other important natural behaviors. In Brazil, approximately 90 percent of egg-laying hens—more than 70 million birds—are living in these conditions at any given time. Cage-free hens generally have two to three times more space per bird than and are able to act more naturally than caged hens.

"Gero is taking an important stand against the extreme confinement of hens in barren battery cages," said Guilherme Carvalho, HSI’s campaign manager in Brazil. "Humane Society International applauds Gero for improving the treatment of animals in its supply chain and looks forward to working with Grupo Fasano restaurants in other cities and other restaurants in Brazil to adopt similar policies."