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December 5, 2012

HSI Commends South Korea’s Decision to Drop Whaling Plans

Humane Society International

  • Scientific reseach should no longer be used as an excuse to kill whales. Greenpeace

Humane Society International Vice President Kitty Block released the following statement praising the government of South Korea for its decision to drop its controversial proposal to launch a lethal scientific whaling program in 2013:

“The vast majority of countries around the world have long since abandoned the cruel and unnecessary act of killing whales for commercial gain. Any steps taken to revive this dying industry, including the killing of whales under the pretext of science, must be thwarted. Humane Society International welcomes this news, and we will continue monitoring the government’s activity to ensure no similar proposals emerge in the future.”

Earlier this year at the annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission in Panama, South Korea had announced plans to kill whales under the guise of science, by exploiting a loophole to the ban on commercial whaling. Currently, Japan is the only other country to engage in whale hunting through exploiting the loophole. South Korea did not submit a formal proposal to the IWC by the Dec. 3 deadline, which means that its proposed lethal whaling program will not go forward next year.


Media Contact: Rebecca Basu, 301-258-3152

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