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September 17, 2013

Romania Plans Cruel Mass Killing of Dogs

Letter urges officials to adopt humane management techniques

Humane Society International

  • HSI stands ready to assist Romania with humane management of its street dog population. © Yan Zenkis/iStockphoto

As Romania plans for a mass killing of street dogs in the country, Humane Society International CEO and President Andrew Rowan sent a letter urging President Traian Băsescu and Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu to reconsider the decision. HSI stands ready to assist Romania with humane management of its street dog population.

Rowan states: “We have received an outpouring of concern from supporters regarding the recent decision made by the Romanian Parliament to permit the mass killing of street dogs in Romania. We are greatly concerned that Romania, as a member of the European Union, would adopt such a policy that defies established ethical practices of street dog population management. Dog killing campaigns are inhumane and ineffective. The World Health Organization has spoken out against culling, and evidence from past eradication programs indicates that mass killing programs do not control street dog populations in the long term. We urge the Romanian government to reconsider and to take us up on our offer to help implement an effective sterilization and vaccination program that would create a more harmonious environment for both the people and the dogs of Bucharest.”

HSI works across the globe with governments and municipalities in developing humane management programs for street dogs. HSI provides expertise, guidance and veterinary training to create programs that focus on sterilization and vaccination against zoonotic disease. With government support and the help of HSI, effective programs are underway in Bhutan, India, Mauritius and the Philippines that manage street dog populations and reduce the incidence of rabies and dog bite injury.


Media Contact:
Rebecca Basu, (United States) +1 (240-753-4875), rbasu@humanesociety.org

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