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March 19, 2014

Costa Rican Authorities Seize and Relocate 17 Neglected Dogs

Seized animals will be spayed/neutered and placed into new, loving homes

Humane Society International

  • The dogs showed signs of malnourishment. HSI

  • A team awaited the arrival of the animals to conduct their veterinary evaluations. HSI

  • Each animal was individually evaluated and treated to address their specific medical conditions. HSI

SAN JOSÉ, Costa Rica – On March 12, Costa Rican authorities in conjunction with animal protection groups rescued 17 dogs allegedly subjected to a hoarding situation. Humane Society International-Latin America, the Costa Rican Department of Animal Health and the Asociación para el  Bienestar y Amparo Animal (Association for Animal Protection and Welfare) participated in the operation. All the animals were willingly surrendered to the authorities, who acted in response to tips received about the inappropriate conditions in which the animals were being kept in a house in the suburbs of Cartago, the fourth largest city in the country.

All dogs showed signs of malnourishment, and several displayed various health issues which called for specialized attention, including one with several highly visible tumors. Once the dogs were safely removed from the premises, they were immediately taken for medical assessment, with each animal being individually evaluated and treated by a veterinarian from ABAA to address their specific medical conditions. Additionally, all animals benefited from teeth cleansing, vaccination, deworming and treatment for different skin conditions.

“This is, unfortunately, the type of story we run into all too often,” said Allan Sanchez, director of the Central Metropolitan Region of SENASA. “Well-meaning people try to help street animals by taking them in, without much consideration to the actual implications of such an action. And soon, they find themselves in over their heads. Thanks to this concerted and timely action, however, it seems that these dogs will have their second chance in life after all.”    

The dogs have been spayed or neutered and will be placed into adoptive homes. Some of the dogs will be placed in an upcoming adoption fair within the next couple of weeks. HSI-Latin America will help cover cost of their recovery, and will closely monitor their relocation process.

“We are proud to be able to contribute to the ongoing efforts of the Costa Rican authorities to guarantee more humane conditions for all animals in the country,” said Cynthia Dent, regional director for HSI-Latin America. “The road to higher animal welfare standards is not always an easy one, but we will continue to support and collaborate with SENASA, ABAA and other local animal welfare organizations to help them reach their goals.”  


Media Contact:

Raúl Arce-Contreras: 301-721-6440; rcontreras@humanesociety.org

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