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June 13, 2014

Costa Rican Congress Shows Support for Animal Welfare Bill

HSI welcomes broad multi-partisan commitment

Humane Society International/Latin America

  • The amendment bill would increase penalties for violations of the animal welfare law, such as cockfighting. iStockphoto

SAN JOSÉ, Costa Rica – At an event at the Costa Rican Congress yesterday, 48 out of 57 members of Congress publicly committed to vote to strengthen the existing animal welfare laws in the country. Humane Society International applauded the move.

Sponsored by Congressman Franklin Corella (Alajuela, PAC), the forum was held to better inform lawmakers about the amendment that would increase penalties for animal rights violators, once it’s brought up for legislative debate.

Several local animal welfare organizations, including HSI, were on hand to voice their concerns and expectations regarding animal cruelty and the approval of the bill. HSI- Latin America congratulates the Asociación para el Bienestar y Amparo Animal (ABAA) for their excellent work in the preparation and execution of the activity.

Cynthia Dent, regional director for Humane Society International – Latin America, said: “It is most heartening to see the overwhelmingly positive response that this bill has received in the Costa Rican Congress. This proves once more that the awareness on the importance of animal welfare is growing and it knows no political boundaries. Both the Costa Rican citizenry and their representatives in Congress can count on Humane Society International to support their effort to ensure a more humane treatment of animals in the country.”       

Amendment bill 18298 was first introduced in the Costa Rican Congress on October 26, 2011, when it failed to pass. Following the national congressional election of February 2014, the bill gained the momentum to be reintroduced into the legislative agenda. The Executive is expected to place the bill among its priority legislative projects following the start of the extraordinary sessions period commencing in August.        


Media Contact:
Raúl Arce-Contreras: +1 301-721-6440 rcontreras@humanesociety.org                  

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