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August 12, 2014

Ambulante and EcoFest Join Déjalas Mover campaign, to end lifelong confinement of animals in food production in Mexico

Humane Society International

  • Kathy Milani

Notable Mexican cultural festivals Ambulante and EcoFest have joined Humane Society International’s Déjalas Mover campaign. Déjalas Mover (Let them Move) is a celebrity-supported campaign in Mexico to end the lifelong confinement of egg-laying hens and breeding sows in cages so small they can barely even move. 

Elene Fortes, director of Ambulante, the largest documentary film festival in Mexico, founded by Diego Luna, Gael García Bernal and Pablo Cruz, said: "We’re excited to be part of Humane Society International’s campaign Déjalas Mover, to improve the conditions for animals in food production in Mexico. Social transformation through information and the opening of new spaces for dialogue and reflection through film are fundamental parts of Ambulante’s mission.”

Paulina Moreno, director of Las Páginas Verdes and EcoFest, Mexico’s largest environmental festival, said: “Las Páginas Verdes works, through our annual directory, EcoFest and other platforms, to raise awareness among the Mexican public about sustainable consumption and to give visibility to enterprises that offer socially responsible and more environmentally-friendly products and services. Our partnership with Humane Society International and our support for their Déjalas Mover campaign strengthens our interest in farm animal welfare and makes our message more complete. We’ll work with HSI so that not only the public knows how animals are raised in food production, but also so that our advertisers adopt cage-free purchasing policies. Furthermore, Ecofest is pleased to announce that it will promote cage-free products at its festival eating zones.”

Sabina Garcia, campaign coordinator for HSI Farm Animals in Mexico, said: “It’s a pleasure to welcome Ambulante and EcoFest/Las Paginas Verdes as our newest Déjalas Mover campaign supporters. Working with organizations that are committed to bringing important social issues to the public light is an honor. These organizations not only raise awareness and foster dialogue, but also offer real and concrete solutions, empower people to take action and improve conditions for society and the planet. We look forward to working with Ambulante and EcoFest to improve the conditions of animals in food production in Mexico.”


  • In Mexico, tens of millions of egg-laying hens are confined for their whole lives in metal battery cages, so small that the animals cannot even fully stretch their wings.
  • Most breeding sows in the pig industry are also confined for practically their whole lives in individual gestation crates, almost the same size as the animals’ bodies, so small that they cannot even turn around.
  • More humane production systems exist, including cage-free, free-range and organic.

Media Contact:

Mexico: Leticia Nárvaez, HSI, l.narvaez@narvaezgroup.com.mx  
U.S.: Raul Arce-Contreras, HSI, rcontreras@humanesociety.org, 301.721.6440

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