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August 26, 2014

Cruelty-Free Companies Urge Australian Government to Ban Cosmetics Animal Testing

Corporate support for Be Cruelty-Free Australia campaign

Be Cruelty-Free Australia

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More than thirty cosmetics companies from across Australia have written an open letter to Health Minister Peter Dutton urging him to support a national ban on animal testing for cosmetics and the sale of cosmetics animal-tested abroad. Aussie brands backing the Be Cruelty-Free Australia campaign include KORA Organics (the cruelty-free range by model Miranda Kerr), as well as Australis, Natio, MooGoo, Lush Australia and The Body Shop.

Please see below for a complete list of corporate signatories to the open letter.

The open letter reads, “Banning animal testing of cosmetics inside Australia, as well as the sale of cosmetics newly animal-tested abroad, would be good news for our industry, and benefit consumers and animals alike. Our customers buy our products knowing that their safety has not been based on old fashioned toxicity tests on mice and rats that were developed more than half a century ago and are of questionable relevance to humans. Consumer safety can be better assured by utilising the thousands of existing cosmetic ingredients widely available with safe use histories combined with advanced, OECD-approved non-animal testing methods.” 

Be Cruelty-Free Australia’s campaign co-ordinator Hannah Stuart said: “It’s great to have support from Australia’s own cosmetics industry for an end to needless animal testing of beauty products. These successful companies are testament to the fact that in the 21st century, we don’t need to harm bunnies and guinea pigs to produce a new shampoo or lipstick. It’s time for Australia to join the growing number of countries around the world saying no to cosmetics animal testing.”

A public opinion poll conducted in May 2013 by Nexus Research on behalf of Humane Research Australia found that the overwhelming majority of Australians (85 percent) oppose using animals to develop cosmetics and 81 percent support a national ban on the sale of cosmetics tested on animals. Similarly, a July 2014 opinion poll by Roy Morgan Research showed that 'Not Tested on Animals' was one of the top three features looked for by Australian female consumers when buying cosmetics, ranking higher than anti-ageing benefits and sun protection factor. 

Testing cosmetics on animals is still legal in around 80 per cent of countries globally, including Australia. Although such testing is believed to be limited in Australia, without a ban the suffering can continue or even grow in future. Cosmetics tests involve animals having chemicals dripped in their eyes, spread on their skin or force fed to them in massive doses. Some of these tests were first developed in the 1940s and cannot be relied upon to guarantee consumer safety. Cruelty-free companies operate by combining use of long-established ingredients with modern, non-animal test methods that better predict human responses.

Be Cruelty-Free Australia – run by Humane Research Australia and Humane Society International - is part of the largest campaign in the world to end cosmetics animal testing. Globally there are Be Cruelty-Free campaigns in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Russia, Taiwan and the United States.

Australians can pledge to Be Cruelty-Free by simply clicking here, and voicing their support for a national ban on animal testing for cosmetics and the sale of cosmetics animal-tested abroad.

Be Cruelty-Free Australia would like to thank the following Australian cosmetics brands:

  • Adorn Cosmetics
  • Aromababy
  • Australis Cosmetics
  • Be Genki
  • Biologika
  • The Body Shop
  • Davroe
  • Eco Tan
  • Ere Perez
  • Inika
  • Innoxa
  • Kester Black
  • Kora Organics
  • Kosmea Australia
  • La Mav Organic Skin Science
  • Le Rêve
  • Living Nature
  • Lush Australia
  • Mode
  • MooGoo Skin Care
  • Mukti Organics
  • MV Organic Skincare
  • Nui International
  • Original & Mineral
  • Paul Penders
  • peachface
  • People for Plants
  • Pure & Green Organics
  • Purestuf Natural Skincare
  • The Purist Company
  • TriShave
  • zk'in

Media contact:
Hannah Stuart
Be Cruelty-Free Australia Campaign Coordinator
Twitter: @BeCrueltyFreeAustralia

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