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November 17, 2014

Singer Anna Coddington Urges Kiwis to Leave Cosmetics Cruelty on the Shelf this Christmas

Star supports #BeCrueltyFree campaign for cosmetics animal testing ban

Humane Society International, Be Cruelty-Free

  • Anna Coddington

New Zealand singer-songwriter Anna Coddington is the latest Kiwi star to join the #BeCrueltyFree campaign for a ban on testing cosmetics on animals. Untold thousands of animals globally suffer in eye and skin irritation and other poisoning tests for the beauty industry. Although banned across the European Union, Israel and India, such testing is still legal in New Zealand. The ‘Cat & Bird’ singer joins actors Michelle Langstone and Sam Bunkall, and Queen guitarist Brian May in supporting the #BeCrueltyFree New Zealand campaign for a national ban.  

Anna believes bunnies shouldn’t suffer for the sake of our vanity, and to prove that we can all have beauty without cruelty, she’s selected some of her favourite cruelty-free cosmetics in time for Christmas gift-gifting season.

“It’s ironic that behind an industry that is supposed to symbolise beauty lurks something as ugly as animal testing,” says Anna. “A rabbit’s life is worth more than a new lip stick or moisturiser, yet these animals continue to suffer for our vanity. It’s time for New Zealand to take a stand against such cruelty. Bunny-friendly cosmetics are easy to buy here in New Zealand, so by leaving cosmetics cruelty on the shelf we can all look great with a clear conscience.”

Anna’s Cruelty-Free Product Picks

1.    Antipodes Nature Hit Me With Your Best Shot Pink Lipstick
2.    Body Shop Shimmer Cubes Eye shadow
3.    Kester Black Deep Violet Nail polish
4.    NZ Skincare Geoskincare Eye makeup remover & eye renewal gel
5.    LUSH Fair Trade Foot Lotion
6.    NUDE Night Serum (Borage & Rosehip)

The #Be CrueltyFree New Zealand campaign is headed by Humane Society International, the New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society and Helping You Help Animals (HUHA), part of the largest campaign in the world to end cosmetics cruelty. #BeCrueltyFree is urging Kiwis to lobby their politicians to support a ban on cruel cosmetics animal testing through revision of the Animal Welfare Act. Kiwis can get active by signing an e-card.

Carolyn Press-McKenzie, spokesperson for HUHA, said: “The majority of Kiwis support a ban on cosmetics animal testing, and so there is genuine pressure on the government to take swift action and ensure that New Zealand is not left behind in the global trend towards ending this cruelty. In the meantime, every single one of us can make a difference by ensuring the cosmetics we buy have not been tested on animals. We are thrilled that Anna Coddington shares our desire for New Zealand to #BeCrueltyFree, and her product picks show how easy it is to ensure that this Christmas we don’t give the gift of cruelty.” 

Consumers can use the SAFEShopper App for iPhone and Android to find fabulous cruelty-free cosmetics. 

Media contacts:
•    NZAVS: Stephen Manson (03)379-0093, (029)773 1341, stephen@nzavs.org.nz
•    HUHA: Carolyn Press-McKenzie (027)441 6474, contact.huha@gmail.com

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