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January 26, 2015

Superstar Kesha Urges Brazil to Ban All Animal Testing for Cosmetics

Star signs #BeCrueltyFree Brazil pledge in Sao Paulo

Humane Society International, Be Cruelty-Free

  • Kesha signs the Be Cruelty-Free pledge before her concert in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 25 Jan. 2015. Felipe di Pietro/HSI

  • Kesha poses with HSI's Helder Constantino as she signs the Be Cruelty-Free pledge before her concert in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 25 Jan. 2015. Felipe di Pietro/HSI

Kesha has called on Brazil to end all cosmetics animal testing, giving her personal backing to Humane Society International’s #BeCrueltyFree Brazil campaign for a complete and robust ban. The global superstar, who has sold nearly 60 million albums worldwide, took time out yesterday on her Brazil tour to meet backstage with #BeCrueltyFree campaigners in Sao Paulo while performing at the Citibank Hall stadium. She signed a #BeCrueltyFree pledge of support, and took to Twitter and Facebook to urge Brazilians to lobby the Senate for a full ban on cosmetics cruelty.

Kesha said: "Animal testing is the beauty industry's ugly secret, and so it gives me such joy to be a part of the #BeCrueltyFree campaign to end this suffering. Country by country, #BeCrueltyFree is giving the world a makeover, with more than thirty countries so far having banned cruel cosmetics animal testing, but sadly not yet here in Brazil. The wonderful Brazilian people have shown they want a complete ban, no loop-holes or half measures. So now they need their politicians to listen, and stop defenceless animals suffering pain and death for the sake of a new lip stick or shampoo. So come on Brazil, show the world you'll be next to end cosmetics animal testing, let's #BeCrueltyFree!"

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Earlier this year, legislators introduced a bill now going through the Senate that promises to ban animal testing for finished cosmetic products. However, this is a very limited ban because the majority of animal testing of cosmetics is performed on ingredients. Almost no animal testing is done on finished products. Therefore, to meet Kesha’s challenge, the bill must be amended to ban animal testing of ingredients as well.  

HSI is campaigning in Brazil and worldwide for test bans without compromise. Together with #BeCrueltyFree Brazil super model Fernanda Tavares, and now global singing sensation Kesha, HSI is urging the Senate to amend Brazil’s weak bill to prevent countless animals continuing to suffer and die in cruel cosmetics tests.

Helder Constantino for #BeCrueltyFree Brazil, said: “It was an honour to meet such an amazing star as Kesha on behalf of our #BeCrueltyFree Brazil campaign. Not only is she a hugely successful singer and songwriter, but she is also a truly inspiring advocate for animals. She has supported our efforts around the world for some time now, but for her to speak out on behalf of our campaign here in Brazil is really special. We are working tremendously hard to ensure that the Brazilian people are not fobbed off with a flawed law that allows cosmetics animal suffering to continue business as usual. We urge senators to accept our proposals for a full ban on cosmetics cruelty with no half measures.”
Opinion polls show that two-thirds of Brazilians support a nationwide ban on animal testing of cosmetics and their ingredients. In 2014 the state of São Paulo introduced a total ban on such testing, mirroring bans already in place across the 28 countries of the EU, as well as Israel and India.    

#BeCrueltyFree Brazil is part of the largest campaign in the world to end cosmetics animal testing, supported by ARCA Brasil, ProAnima and the National Forum for the Protection and Defence of Animals. 

Media contact: Helder Constantino, +55 (21) 8342 4163, hconstantino@hsi.org

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