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April 14, 2015

The Asia Canine Protection Alliance Launches “Ve Di Vang Oi! – Come Home Golden!” Campaign to Stop the Vietnamese Dog Meat Trade

Campaign promotes compassion towards dogs; urges Vietnamese Government to provide legislative protection for dogs

Asia Canine Protection Association

  • Soi Dog Foundation

The Asia Canine Protection Association has launched the “Ve di Vang oi” campaign to promote compassion towards dogs and to call for an end in the theft, trade, slaughter and consumption of dogs in Vietnam. ACPA consists of four international animal protection charities – Animals Asia, Change for Animals Foundation, Humane Society International and Soi Dog Foundation.

In Vietnam, an estimated five million dogs are slaughtered for food every year, many of whom are stolen family pets and illegally-sourced dogs from neighbouring countries. They are packed tightly into cages and transported for days, stopping only occasionally on the way. Many dogs die of suffocation, dehydration or heatstroke long before they reach Vietnam’s markets, slaughterhouses and restaurants. The dead and the living remain together for the entire journey. Those who survive are brutally killed.

The “Ve di Vang oi” campaign is being launched with the support and participation of some of Vietnam’s best-known artists and celebrities, such as Quoc Trung, director Charlie Nguyen, choreographer Tran Ly Ly, singers Thu Minh, Uyen Linh, Ha Le, Chipu, Gil Le, Quang Dang, Truong Thi May, Trang Phap, Truc Nhan, Dong Hung, Trung Quan and rapper Suboi.

Speak out Against Dog Meat.

In May 2015, Vietnam’s National Assembly will discuss for the first time the inclusion of laws governing veterinarian practices under the Veterinary Law. This is an important step forward for Vietnam’s animals and potentially a ground-breaking event for those organisations, such as ACPA, who have been campaigning for legislative protection for animals for many years.

The “Ve di Vang oi” campaign aims to collect more than one million signatures of support for a ban on the trade, slaughter and consumption of dogs to submit to the Vietnamese Government.


  • As of the end of December 2014, Thailand’s first ever Animal Welfare Law was approved by the National Assembly’s Legislature, making dog slaughter and consumption illegal in Thailand after nearly 1.4 million supporters signed a petition.
  • Throughout the region an ever-growing movement is calling for the protection of animals and a ban on the production, trade, slaughter and consumption of dogs, in recognition of the unique role these animals play in societies around the world.
  • Following meetings in Hanoi and Bangkok in 2013 and 2014, the Vietnamese government, alongside that of Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, agreed to a moratorium on the trade in dogs destined for human consumption, and has afforded ACPA the role to assist with rabies control and elimination programs and education, in recognition of the grave risks the trade in and consumption of dogs poses to human health.

Website of the petition page: http://baovecho.org
Facebook page of the campaign: facebook.com/lienminhbaovecho

For more information, please contact: Mr. Tran Gia Bao, 0902068883, bao.tran@small.com.vn

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