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May 13, 2015

Humane Dog Population Control Program Launched in Saipan

Humane Society International and Animal Balance hold Dog Spay-Neuter Clinics in Saipan

Humane Society International, Animal Balance

  • HSI

From May 18 - 29, veterinarians with Animal Balance, in partnership with Humane Society International and the Saipan Mayor’s Office, will provide sterilization services to dogs across Saipan. Earlier population surveys conducted by HSI estimated Saipan’s dog population at 21,000 and Rota’s at 1,204. More than 90 percent of residents surveyed supported the need for access to affordable veterinary services, including access to sterilization to humanely control the dog population. 

Spaying and neutering is a proven humane and effective method of reducing both owned and free-roaming dog populations. Female dogs who are spayed no longer attract the attention of male dogs looking to mate, so roaming and nuisance behavior is greatly reduced in neutered male dogs. Dogs who are sterilized live longer, healthier lives but still remain protective of their owner’s property. Sterilization services provided by HSI in Rota in 2013 resulted in 40 percent of the islands’ dogs being sterilized. The goal is for at least 70 percent of Saipan and Rota’s dog populations to be sterilized to see significant overall population declines.

Inga Gibson, Pacific Islands policy coordinator with HSI, said: “Spaying and neutering is an important way to keep Rota and Saipan islands’ dog population humanely under control, but these services are unfortunately not accessible to everyone. We hope our dog sterilization clinics go a long way to meet the needs of these islands’ dog and human residents.”

Please support our innovative, successful Street Dog Welfare initiative.

Humane Society International is also launching an enhanced accessible and affordable spay-neuter program on Guam in cooperation with local veterinarians. Guam’s dog population is estimated at approximately 61,000 dogs.

Volunteers are needed to assist with a variety of community outreach and clinic related duties. Donations are also needed to support these clinics and ongoing efforts. More information below:

Clinic Details:

  • On Saipan, clinics will be held at the Saipan Animal Shelter on Lower Base Road beginning May 19th through 23rd and in Kagman from May 25th through 29th. A number of dogs will also be available for adoption. Call the Saipan Mayor’s Office for more information at 670-234-6208 or saipanmayorsoffice@gmail.com
  • Residents are asked to make a $25 donation for the sterilization of their dog to offset surgical supply costs. No one will be turned away for the inability to pay.
  • For more information on HSI Street Dog welfare programs visit hsi.org/streetdogs
  • Learn more about the benefits of spay/neuter.

Media contacts:
Inga Gibson, Humane Society International, igibson@humanesociety.org
Emma Clifford, Animal Balance, Clifford@animalbalance.org

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