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June 29, 2015

University Students Awarded Prizes in #BeCrueltyFree China Poster Design Contest to End Cosmetics Animal Testing

Winning Artwork to tour China in national roadshow

Humane Society International, Be Cruelty-Free

University students from across China were the lucky winners in the first ever #BeCrueltyFree China poster design competition. The winners were announced at an award ceremony held in Dalian Jiaotong University on June 16, hosted by Humane Society International and VShine Animal Protection Association, and sponsored by LUSH Cosmetics.

Forty six contributions were received from 23 schools in 16 provinces, all using a variety of artistic styles to highlight the suffering of animals used to test cosmetics. The top six winners were selected through public online voting on Sina Weibo and a panel of judges including Peter Li from Humane Society International, and representatives from Dalian Youth League Committee, Vshine, LUSH, Dalian Jiaotong University and Visual Communication Dept. of Dalian Neusoft University of Information.

1st prize of RMB 3,000 was awarded to Jingfei Qu and Zherui Zhao from Hunan Industry University, whose poster entitled "Is it just a mascara? Is it just a lipstick?" cleverly fused the image of everyday beauty products with laboratory syringes as a visual reminder of animal testing. The other prize winners were:

2nd prize - He Zhao from Hunan University for "Be Cruelty Free: ending cosmetic animal testing"; Guangxin Yang from Cunjin School of Guangdong Marine University for “Our beauty, their pain: say no to cosmetic animal testing";

3rd prize - Zhengying Liu from Liaoning Foreign Economic & Trade College for “One animal dies for cosmetic testing in every 3 seconds, please END the cruel side of cosmetics. Let's have a TRUE beauty”; Linlin Wang and Ziqi Bian from Guangxi Art School for "No testing, no hurt"; and Yin Sun from Dalian division of Luxun Art School for "Be Cruelty Free: beauty originates from a pure heart."

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Irene Zhang for #BeCrueltyFree China said: “Our poster competition brought the issue of testing cosmetics on animals to the younger generation, and their impressive artworks will help spread the #BeCrueltyFree campaign concept to even more people across China. We really appreciate the active participation of the students as well as their creative designs.”

Ms. Yanyan Zhang, Education program manager, Vshine, said: “With the heart of love, the participants expressed their care for laboratory animals through their creation.”

Prof. Baijing Zou, director of Visual Communication Dept. of Dalian Neusoft University of Information, commended the winning works, and the audience was treated to additional artistic performances including: violin soloist Purple Passion, a traditional opera performance, a flutist, and a reading of the poem “Teardrops in the Desert,” which tells a true story of love in animals, by Mr. Xuejun Wang. 

The award-winning artworks will be displayed at universities across the country as part of a #BeCrueltyFree national roadshow so that as many people as possible can view them and engage in discussion about the suffering of animals used in cosmetics testing.  

This month marks the one year anniversary of China’s revised cosmetics regulations to remove mandatory animal testing for most ordinary, domestically produced cosmetics for sale in China. Although a welcome milestone, imported cosmetics are still subject to substantial animal test requirements, and the limited availability and acceptance of non-animal alternative tests in China means that taking advantage of the new rule change can be a challenge for Chinese companies.

To help overcome this problem, the #BeCrueltyFree China campaign partnered with the Institute for In Vitro Sciences to provide hands-on training to Chinese scientists in some of the latest in vitro tests for cosmetics safety. China’s National Five-year Plan also includes the intension to validate 10 alternative test methods as well as establish China’s own alternative test validation centre. #BeCrueltyFree China works with government regulatory agencies on policy reform, with scientists on the promotion of alternatives, and with animal advocates to raise awareness about cosmetics animal testing.

Media contacts:
China: Irene Zhang, HSI’s Be Cruelty-Free China coordinator, izhang@hsi.org

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