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July 6, 2015

Brazilian Animal Groups & Sao Paulo Deputado Feliciano Filho Unite for an Effective Federal Ban on Animal Testing of Cosmetics

#BeCrueltyFree Brazil & animal protection group partners say federal cosmetics bill is weak and must be improved

Humane Society International, Be Cruelty-Free

  • HSI's Antoniana Ottoni delivers a letter signed by more than 100 representatives from animal protection groups in Brazil to Sen. Cristovam Buarque urging the Senate to improve a federal cosmetics animal testing bill. HSI

Leading animal protection groups across Brazil have reiterated their concern that PLC 70/2014 will not ban most cosmetic tests on animals in the country and that the bill must be amended by the Senate. The groups, including ARCA Brasil, VEDDAS, the Forum Nacional de Protecao e Defensa Animal and Humane Society International’s #BeCrueltyFree Brazil campaign, have written an urgent letter to Senator Cristovam Buarque, the bill’s rapporteur in the Commission of Science and Technology. Representatives from more than 100 Brazilian animal protection groups signed the letter. The letter says:

“A range of alternative methods – much more efficient than tests on animals – have been developed and validated to assess the most common types of toxicity for cosmetic products such as skin and eye irritation. These are the results of unconditional prohibitions that are spreading around the world: in the EU, Israel, India and New Zealand. These laws provided the necessary incentives for the cosmetic sector to invest in new technologies. These incentives are absent from PLC 70/2014.”

“We ask the honourable Senator to amend PLC 70/2014 so that the prohibition of cosmetic tests on animals not only includes finished products but also ingredients in the chain of production. We do not believe that, while the rest of the world is moving forward, the Brazilian people will be content with a second-class legislation”.

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In 2014 São Paulo became the first state to implement a full ban on animal testing for cosmetics, followed by Mato Grosso do Sul with similar legislation being discussed in the staes of Goiás, Pará, Pernambuco and Paraná. If this weak bill is passed unamended, it may jeopardise these existing pieces of state legislation. Sao Paulo’s MP Feliciano Filho who spearheaded the Sao Paulo’s ban in 2014, said: "Following the introduction of my ‘anti-animal test’ law in São Paulo, then mirrored in Mato Grosso do Sul, I am aware that there is still a long way to go, with much struggle, to secure an equally robust ban at the national level. But it is essential that Congress approves a ban with penalties as harsh, or even harsher than, these state laws. We will all be united for sure for this ban to be truly effective as soon as possible, as there are thousands of animals at the moment suffering from these tests."

Antoniana Ottoni, HSI’s #BeCrueltyFree legislative adviser, said: “Sao Paulo has become a trailblazer State for progressive, animal-friendly policies such as the ban on animal testing of cosmetics and a ban on the production and sale of fur, and foie gras. And we’re pleased to see other Brazilian States following suit. However, it is vital that the federal cosmetics bill is aligned with that gold standard ban. Right now, the bill language only proposes to ban animal tests for finished cosmetic products, which rarely take place in Brazil, but would not ban testing of ingredients, which represent the majority of animal tests. In effect it is a ban that bans almost nothing.”

Animal testing of cosmetics has been banned across the European Union, Norway, Israel, India and New Zealand. Similar bans have been proposed in Australia, Canada, Taiwan and the USA.  

Read #BeCrueltyFree Brazil’s briefing on why PLC 70/2014 must be amended, here.

Media contact: Helder Constantino:  +55 (21) 8342 4163, hconstantino@hsi.org

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