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September 24, 2015

#BeCrueltyFree Brazil Welcomes Proposal to Create Air-Tight Ban on Cosmetics Animal Testing in Brazil

Senate Science and Technology Commission urged to approve amendments to Bill 70/2014

Humane Society International, Be Cruelty-Free

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Senator Cristovam Buarque’s proposal of vital amendments to Bill 70/2014 could close the book once and for all on animal testing for cosmetics.

The report to the Commission of Science and Technology includes an immediate ban on testing finished products on animals and an amendment that prohibits new animal testing of any cosmetic ingredients within three years of the law’s publication. The sale of cosmetics subject to new animal testing will also be banned within three years, thus preventing multinational companies from circumventing the ban by purchasing new ingredients that have been tested on animals in other countries after the legal cut-off date in Brazil. HSI’s Be Cruelty Free Brazil coalition applauded Senator Buaque’s report.

Antoniana Ottoni, legislative officer with Humane Society International in Brazil, said: “We welcome these improvements to Brazil’s cosmetics bill and warmly thank Senator Buarque for listening to the many Brazilian  citizens, lawyers, scientists and elected representatives who have supported a meaningful bill. . A weak bill could have dire consequences and would fail to create any incentive for the cosmetic industry to turn its back on ingredients that have been newly tested on animals. We now urge the Commission of Science and Technology to adopt Senator Buarque’s amendments that will transform a once confusing and ineffective bill into a robust national ban. We are delighted that Brazil is now on track to become the largest economy in South America to stop cosmetic tests on animals.”

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#BeCrueltyFree Brazil campaigned to see PLC 70/2014 amended because its original wording would have failed to save animals from cruel cosmetics tests. The original bill adopted by the Chamber of Deputies had proposed only to ban animal tests for finished cosmetic products, which rarely occur in Brazil. It also made a ban on animal testing for ingredients - which represent nearly all tests on animals in Brazil’s cosmetics sector – conditional on the availability of alternative test methods. This approach would have delayed the elimination of cosmetics animal testing by years even though companies can already innovate without using animals by using existing safe ingredients, and may have jeopardized local test bans in the states of São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul. 

A large coalition of animal protection groups and scientists came together through #BeCrueltyFree Brazil to express their concerns about Bill 70/2014. If senators vote in favour of the amendments, Brazil will be well placed to introduce a ban on cosmetic tests on animals similar to those already implemented throughout the European Union, Norway, Israel, India, New Zealand and Turkey. Similar bills have also been proposed in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Russia and the USA, and in Brazil, São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul have passed state-wide prohibitions, whilst legislation is being discussed in the states of Goiás, Pará, Pernambuco and Paraná.

Media contact: Helder Constantino: +55 (21) 98342 4163, hconstantino@hsi.org

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