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October 26, 2015

Animals Rescued from Abandonment in Mexico City Now Safe

Humane Society International and the Environment Attorney’s Office took part in the rescue of almost 90 animals

Humane Society International/Mexico

  • One of the rescued birds receives veterinary treatment. HSI/Mexico

  • Veterinarians evaluating one of the rescued birds. Claudia Edwards/HSI

  • Two of the rescued turtles are evaluated. Claudia Edwards/HSI

  • Several wild species of birds were among those found. HSI/Mexico

  • Many of the rescued animals belong to endangered or specially protected species. HSI/Mexico

  • Public awareness on the seriousness of animal hoarding and abandonment is growing in Mexico. HSI/Mexico

  • The animals were found in an abandoned apartment in Mexico City. HSI/Mexico

  • The 68 rescued birds were adopted out after being evaluated. HSI/Mexico

  • Veterinarians clinically evaluated the turtles. HSI/Mexico

Dozens of birds, turtles and a dog rescued from an abandoned apartment in Mexico City are now safe and receiving treatment. Humane Society International/Mexico, in coordination with Mexico City’s Environment Attorney’s Office, took part in the rescue that took place in the Gustavo A. Madero County, Mexico City.

The rescue included 68 birds, 20 turtles and one dog. The animals had been left without food or water. All received veterinary medical treatment.

Claudia Edwards, program director for HSI/Mexico, said: "Officials are beginning to recognize that animal hoarding and abandonment are serious problems that government and society must tackle together. The rescue was possible thanks to the invaluable collaboration of PAOT, PROFEPA, the Herpetarium Reptilium at Zacango Zoo and the NGO Consejo Ciudadano, which provided legal advice during the whole process. Thanks to our combined efforts, these animals, many of whom are endangered species, will live the rest of their days receiving the best love and care."

The 68 birds were adopted out after being evaluated. Veterinarians clinically evaluated the 20 turtles, adjusted their diet, and transported them to the Herpetarium Reptilium in Zacango Zoo in the State of Mexico, in coordination with the Federal Environment Protection Attorney. According to Mexican Official Norm 059 of the Environment Ministry, several of these species are endangered or under special protection. More information about the turtles is available here

Patricio, the rescued dog, is a Standard Schnauzer. He was sterilized, vaccinated and dewormed. Veterinarians are treating him for a urinary problem and he underwent surgery for a hip dislocation. When he recovers, he will be up for adoption.


  • The birds belong to the following species: 3 Poephila guttata; 10 Agapornis roseicollis; 27 Serinus canaria; 12 Melupsittacus undulatus; 4 Nymphicus hollandicus; 8 Agapornis personata; 4 Poephila gouldiae.
  • The turtles belong to the following species: 5 Trachemys scripta scripta; 6 Trachemys scripta elegans; 1 Trachemys scripta venusta; 2 Trachemys scripta troostii; 1 Rhynoclemmys pulcherrima; 1 Kinostemon lucostomum; 1 Kinostemon scorpioides; 1 Staurotypus triporcatus; 2 Apalone spinifera.

A video of the rescue is available here.

Media Contact: Raúl Arce-Contreras, rcontreras@humanesociety.org, +1 301.721.6440

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