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November 2, 2015

South Korea Dog Meat Farm Demolished

Humane Society International

Humane Society International has demolished the cages from a dog meat farm in Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea. HSI closed the farm in September and successfully transported 103 dogs to shelters in the states of California and Washington. In addition, last week HSI brought nine puppies and their mothers to the United States. The puppies were too young to travel with the initial shipment of animals. All dogs have now been rescued from that farm. The puppies and moms were taken to the San Francisco SPCA, which will provide their initial care and will put them up for adoption. 

Adam Parascandola, HSI’s director of animal protection and disaster response, said: “Few things are more exciting than breaking down cages that once held suffering animals. By allowing us to demolish these cages, the farmer has demonstrated a commitment to abandon the dog meat trade in favor of a humane trade in fruit farming. We hope other farmers follow suit.”

Take action: Speak out against dog meat.

This was the third dog meat farm that HSI closed this year in South Korea as part of its campaign to end the dog meat business. South Korea is the only country where dogs are bred on factory-like farms for the meat trade. HSI is urging the Korean government to end this cruel trade ahead of the 2018 Winter Olympics that will be held in Seoul, to keep the games in the spotlight, not the dog meat trade. Donate and take action to fight this cruelty.

Media Contact: Raul Arce-Contreras, rcontreras@humanesociety.org, 301.721.6440 


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