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May 20, 2016

Legislation to end cosmetics animal testing passes key committee in Taiwan

Final vote in Parliament expected next month

Humane Society International, Taiwan SPCA

  • Bill being debated in the Social Welfare and Environmental Hygiene Committee. Taiwan SPCA

TAIPEI—Legislation to ban cosmetic animal testing for both finished products and cosmetic ingredients has passed the Taiwanese Social Welfare and Environmental Hygiene Committee. The bill, proposed by Legislators Wang YuMin and Zhuang Rui Xiong, now moves to the full legislature for debate with a final vote expected before the June adjournment of the Parliamentary Session. During the committee meeting Legislators Hung Tzu-Yung, Lee Yen-Hsiu, Chung Kung-Chao, Chen Man-Li, Liu Chien-Kuo, Chiang Wan-An, Yang Yao, and Lin Shu-Fen were all in support of the new legislation.

The #BeCrueltyFree Taiwan campaign led by Taiwan SPCA and Humane Society International welcomed committee approval of this legislation as an important milestone towards ending cosmetics cruelty in Taiwan.

The proposed bill amends Taiwan’s Control for Cosmetic Hygiene Act and is part of #BeCrueltyFree, the largest campaign in history to end cosmetics cruelty globally. Recent opinion polling commissioned by the Taiwan SPCA shows that 69.2 per cent of Taiwanese consumers want to see cosmetics animal testing banned, and 76.5 per cent believe animals shouldn't suffer in name of beauty.

Taiwan SPCA and #BeCrueltyFree Taiwan campaign coordinator Joy Liou said: “The #BeCrueltyFree Taiwan campaign is pleased that the committee has agreed that the time has come to end cosmetics animal testing in Taiwan. Testing cosmetics on animals causes them pain and suffering, for test results that have never been proven reliable to assure human safety and don’t represent modern science. We hope the legislature will act swiftly to pass this measure so Taiwan can take this major step and join the growing list of progressive nations to ban cruel animal testing of cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients.”

Claire Mansfield, HSI’s #BeCrueltyFree campaigns director based in London, said: “By passing this bill Taiwan will officially join the #BeCrueltyFree movement to end the unnecessary suffering caused by animal testing of cosmetics. A testing ban is the first milestone towards completely ending cosmetics cruelty in Taiwan; however the amended bill does not have a sales ban for products tested on animals outside of Taiwan. We hope the next move by the government will be to also ban the sale of cosmetic products or ingredients that have been newly animal tested elsewhere in the world.”

Passage of the legislation would bring Taiwan in line with more than 30 countries—home to more than 1.7 billion consumers—that have already joined the #BeCrueltyFree movement. The world’s largest cosmetics market, the European Union, together with Norway, Israel, India, New Zealand, South Korea, Turkey and several states in Brazil, have enacted full or partial bans on animal testing for cosmetic products and ingredients. Similar legislation is currently pending in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Argentina and elsewhere under the leadership of #BeCrueltyFree campaign teams in these countries.

Consumers can continue to show their support for the legislation and a complete end to cosmetics cruelty in Taiwan by signing the petition at: http://goo.gl/ftNM7N

Note: Nation-wide poll conducted by Trend Survey and Research Co. in April 2015, with 1073 samples and a confidence level of 95% (margin of error + - 3%).


Media contact Taiwan: joy.liou@spca.org.tw +886 2 2367-0317

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