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August 9, 2016

Grupo Toks and Humane Society International form animal welfare alliance

Grupo Toks becomes the first Mexican restaurant company to commit to cage-free egg and crate-free pork supply chain

Humane Society International, Grupo Toks

  • Bradley Murray/istock


Today at a press conference, Grupo Toks, a food company recognized for its leadership in corporate social responsibility, announced that it will source only cage-free eggs and crate-free pork in its supply chain. Grupo Toks made the announcement in alliance with Humane Society International, one of the largest animal protection organizations in the world.  Grupo Toks, with 226 restaurants in the country, including Toks, Panda Express, Cup Stop, Restaurantes California, and Beer Factory, is the first Mexican restaurant company to commit to a cage-free egg and pork supply chain.  The company will work with its egg and pork suppliers and HSI on the implementation of this new animal welfare and corporate social responsibility policy, to reach its 2022 deadline.

“Grupo Toks is a company with a reputation for undertaking important corporate social responsibility projects, including initiatives related to sustainability, responsible consumption, community production, and now animal welfare with our suppliers,” stated Gustavo Pérez Berlanga, director of corporate social responsibility at Grupo Toks. “We are convinced that a transition to cage-free eggs and pork is the right way forward, both because of the animal welfare benefits and also to meet our clients’ demands for higher welfare products.”

Sabina Garcia, corporate policy and project manager for HSI Farm Animals in Mexico stated: “We applaud Grupo Toks for being a leader in animal welfare in the food industry, and committing to eliminating eggs and pork from systems that confine animals in cages.  This announcement will improve the lives of millions of animals in the food industry in the country, and sets a precedent for the rest of the food industry in Mexico and Latin America that want to keep up with local and global trends.”

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In Mexico, breeding sows are often confined for their whole lives in gestation crates, individual metal cages barely larger than the animals’ bodies, impeding them from turning around and taking more than a couple of steps forward and backward.  Hundreds of millions of egg-laying hens in the country also spend their whole lives confined in wire battery cages, so small that they cannot even fully stretch their wings.

A growing number of food companies around the globe are joining this cage-free movement and companies like Grupo Toks are leading this issue in Mexico.

As part of its commitment, Grupo Toks will publish information on its progress during this transition period.

Media contact: Raul Arce-Contreras: rcontreras@humanesociety.org, + 301.721.6440 

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