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February 22, 2017

Petition launched to save animals from cruel pesticide poisoning tests in Brazil

Top Model Fernanda Tavares joins animal groups in call for government switch to modern animal testing alternatives

Humane Society International

  • Under current Brazilian requirements, up to 10,000 dogs, rodents, rabbits, poultry and fish may be used to register a single new agrochemical. Photo by Daniel Guedes

In an effort to spare the lives of thousands of animals from needless suffering in cruel and obsolete agrochemical tests in Brazil, Top Model Fernanda Tavares has joined Humane Society International and the National Forum for Animal Protection and Defense to launch a petition calling on the National Health Surveillance Agency to modernize its regulations. Under current requirements, up to 10,000 dogs, rodents, rabbits, poultry and fish may be used to register a single new agrochemical, whereas the use of modern methodologies could reduce this number by as much as 50 percent.

Fernanda Tavares, ambassador of HSI/Brazil, said: "We have an opportunity today to save thousands of animals from painful poisoning in pesticide tests. It is time for Brazil to change and adopt the alternatives that can replace the use of animals in cruel and unnecessary animal pesticide testing. The European Union has already shown that non-animal methods are possible and safe. Now it's our turn to do our work for the animals. Sign the petition!"

HSI has been liaising with ANVISA since 2014, providing technical support for a transition to scientifically superior animal testing alternatives, and progress has been made in some test areas. However, ANVISA continues to hold non-animal methods to a higher standard than animal tests, requiring them to pass a five-part test before their use becomes obligatory. At the same time, a number of other opportunities for animal replacement have yet to be taken up, including globally recognized approaches for calculating the hazard classification of formulated products, and waivers for scientifically redundant animal tests, such as skin lethal dose and mouse cancer studies. 

The petition, available online at hsi.org/AnvisaPoupeVidas, calls on ANVISA to follow the global trend towards the use of modern, more efficient and ethical approaches to safety testing and assessment in the agrochemical sector.


Media contact: Antoniana Ottoni, t +55 (61) 98140-3636, aottoni@hsi.org

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