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October 1, 2008

HSI Canada and CSPCA Perform Second Puppy Mill Bust Near Montreal

Humane Society International/Canada

If you operate a puppy mill in Canada, watch out—HSI is coming for you.
So stated Rebecca Aldworth after the second major puppy mill bust that HSI/Canada and the Canadian SPCA have conducted in the past week.
Today, the team was able to remove more than 150 dogs from a puppy mill north of Montreal. The dogs had clearly been seriously neglected for a long time, and the facility’s appalling conditions warranted the immediate removal of these animals. It took the HSI Emergency Services team more than five hours to load the dogs onto vehicles.

A warning to animal abusers

Alanna Devine, acting executive director at the CSPCA, called the successful completion of two raids in six days “unprecedented,” noting that Quebec is known as the puppy mill capital of North America.
Devine is calling on the public to stand with her organization to shut down the mills and end this unnecessary cruelty, while Aldworth warns that this is just the beginning of HSI’s crackdown on such horrible facilities nationwide.

Road to recovery

Meanwhile, the 118 animals rescued during last week’s puppy mill raid in Rawdon are beginning their road to recovery at the CSPCA’s temporary shelter. Seventy-eight of the animals seized have been liberated to the CSPCA’s custody and are already available for permanent adoption. The remaining animals will be placed in foster homes pending the outcome of the case.
Animal advocacy groups argue that the absence of adequate provincial animal welfare legislation and enforcement has allowed puppy mills to flourish in Quebec.

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