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April 24, 2012

Rescued Dogs Are Finding Homes

Humane Society International/Canada

  • A tiny rescuee. HSI/Canada

by Rebecca Aldworth

After weeks of care in our emergency shelter, the 125 dogs HSI/Canada rescued last month from a commercial breeding operation in Quebec are being adopted into loving homes.

Two stand-out characters

We named two of these dogs Bert and Ernie. Bert, a tiny, wiry terrier mix, was just nine weeks old when we carried him to freedom. Ernie, a fluffy Shi-Tzu mix, was just five weeks of age.

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On arrival at the emergency shelter, the puppies wriggled with delight as they were placed in their new, clean enclosures. But within minutes, they were crying out for attention, desperate for any interaction we could provide. Soon, someone had the great idea of pairing them up.

Quickly, Bert and Ernie became the best of friends, racing around and play-fighting, tumbling over each other and wagging their tales frantically.

It breaks my heart to know what kind of conditions these puppies came from, and what they endured before they were rescued. Fortunately, they are young enough that they will likely never remember that awful place, and from now on, their lives will be so much better.

Hope for some, while others still wait

Today, both puppies are being fostered by volunteer families. They each have toys, fresh water, a clean bed, food, and most of all, the love and attention they deserve.

Tragically, so many dogs and puppies are still waiting to be rescued from inhumane breeding operations. There are an estimated 2,000 puppy mills still operating in the province of Quebec—housing dogs and puppies forced to exist in cramped, filthy, miserable conditions, denied their most basic needs.

With this in mind, we continue our life-saving work to shut down these operations for good. Give to help.

Rebecca Aldworth is executive director of HSI/Canada.

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