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May 7, 2012

Love at First Sight

Pocket goes home

Humane Society International/Canada

  • Pocket, shortly after rescue. HSI/Canada

  • Pocket, all grown up. HSI/Canada

  • Still just a bundle of love! HSI/Canada

  • Finnegan, another rescued puppy, has befriended the semi-feral cat who shares his new home.

by Sayara Thurston

Of the more than 500 dogs HSI/Canada helped rescue from a commercial breeding facility in September 2011, one puppy in particular stole the hearts of both staff and volunteers. Named "Pocket" because she was so tiny she could almost fit into one, she found her forever home after a woman fell instantly in love with her during a chance meeting.

One day while I was fostering Pocket, we were in a pet supply store, and a couple came up to me and started patting her, saying how cute she was, telling me how they were currently doing research as they were looking to adopt a small dog.

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When I told them that this puppy would actually soon be available, the woman begged me to give her Pocket’s details and information on how she could go about adopting her. I told her to fill out our online application form, but made no promises that she would be able to adopt Pocket specifically (because people were always asking to adopt her)! However, the woman assured me that this was the dog for them and proceeded to start emailing me at least once a week asking how Pocket was, reassuring me that they were serious, etc.

Eventually, I went around to the couple's house to meet them again and it was clear that they would give her a good home and that it really had been love at first sight. Pocket is a very feisty dog, so I was a little worried that they wouldn’t be able to handle her, but they obviously loved her all the more for it, so it seemed like a perfect match.

When I finally took Pocket back to sign the adoption papers, I cried all day! The family was so nice and promised to send photos and come and visit. Sure enough, the photos seen here are of our staff with Pocket when they brought her to the office a few weeks ago. A happy ending for all concerned (except that I miss her)! Donate to support our efforts.

Sayara Thurston is a campaigner with HSI/Canada.

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