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August 8, 2012

Quebec Rescued Dogs Are on Their Way to a Better Life

HSI/Canada completes emergency sheltering operation

Humane Society International/Canada

  • Soaking up affection. HSI/Canada

  • Playtime! HSI/Canada

  • Precious. HSI/Canada

  • Foxy dog. HSI/Canada

  • Coco the pinscher. HSI/Canada

  • Enjoying the sunshine. HSI/Canada

It was only a few days ago when Courage and Pluck took their very first swim in a baby pool as part of the socialization and healing process at our emergency dog shelter near Montreal. The two 12-week-old terriers had never stepped outside, let alone played in water since they were born into confinement at a commercial breeding operation.

In July, HSI/Canada helped rescue Courage and Pluck, along with 62 more neglected dogs and puppies, from inhumane conditions at a commercial breeding facility in rural Quebec. After more than a month of rehabilitation by our dedicated staff and volunteers, these brave dogs are all in the process of being adopted out to loving forever homes.

But the road to recovery has certainly not been easy for many of these animals. Coco, a three-year-old female pinscher, had been bred to the breaking point as a puppy mill mother dog. I will never forget how weak and frail her little body was when we pulled her out of the cage, where she had spent years of her life. Since then, Coco has regained her confidence and strength, and now she has a new family in which to live out the rest of her life.

Making a difference

Since September 2011, the HSI Animal Rescue team has assisted the Quebec government with saving more than 700 dogs from commercial breeding operations throughout the province. But with more than 2,000 puppy mills estimated to be operating in Quebec alone, many more animals remain doomed to a life of misery and suffering. We will not stop until we shut down every one of these places, but we need your help do it.

Donate to help stop puppy mills.

In addition to our rescue operations, we are working to strengthen animal protection laws in Quebec and across Canada. Recently, the Quebec government introduced an amendment to the Provincial Animal Health Protection Act, which will improve safety and welfare standards for companion animals. Federally, we are working to improve the protection of animals in the Criminal Code of Canada. Thanks to you, we are making a difference!

Community support

The work we do would not be possible without the shelter staff and dedicated volunteers who have helped make our sheltering operations in Quebec a great success over the last year. Every day, dozens of people traveled great distances to the shelter to make sure the dogs and puppies had comfortable and clean places to sleep and proper training. We also want to thank Jamieson Laboratories and Nutrience (Rolf C. Hagen Inc.) for much-needed supplies and pet food for this operation. These corporate supporters have repeatedly helped HSI/Canada care for dogs rescued from terrible situations. Give today to support our efforts.

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