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September 19, 2012

HSI/Canada Celebrates New Signatories to the Puppy-Friendly Pet Store Pledge

Dozens of Canadian stores make the ethical decision not to sell puppies

Humane Society International/Canada

  • Adoption day at Mon Ami Pet Supplies. HSI/Canada

  • La maison du chien in Laval. Niki Vlanos

  • Bailey Blu Pet Boutique in Montreal. Natalie Gore

Humane Society International/Canada is proud to have four new Canadian stores sign on to our Puppy-Friendly Pet Store Pledge. Not only have these stores made the ethical business decision not to sell puppies, they are also holding special adoption events in their stores to find loving homes for shelter dogs. Since the launch of the Canadian Puppy-Friendly Pet Store Pledge in 2009, dozens of stores across Canada have shown leadership through opting to only sell pet supplies in their stores.

On September 9th, 2012, HSI/Canada attended Mon Pet Ami Supplies store in Kirkland, Quebec for an adoption day in partnership with local rescue groups and shelters. The event was a huge success and here is what Mon Ami Pet Supplies’ owner, Chris LeRoyer, had to say:

Mon Ami Pet Supplies in Kirkland, Quebec was opened in 2010 to provide quality foods and accessories and experienced advice to the West Island community. We care deeply about the welfare of pets and are strong advocates for the non-profit rescue organizations that help pets find new homes. Rescue groups are non-profit organizations and are primarily concerned with the animals' welfare. They ensure the animals are vaccinated, fixed and placed in loving, responsible homes. We hold adoption clinics two Saturdays a month and offer free weekly nail clipping with all donations going to the rescues. If you are thinking of bringing a new puppy into the family we encourage you to consider adopting from one of these wonderful groups. Breeders who care about their puppies' welfare will never sell them through pet stores. Puppies in pet stores are often from puppy mills whose motivation is profit. The conditions for the breeding dogs and their puppies can be appalling. This is something that can be changed. We encourage you to consider alternatives to buying pets at a store and pet adoption is a great option.

Take action to stop puppy mills by encouraging your local pet store to sign the Puppy-Friendly Pet Store Pledge.

Bailey Blu Pet Boutique in Montreal and La Maison du Chien’s two stores in Laval, Quebec have also made the humane business decision to not sell puppies in their stores but rather sell pet supplies. These stores are joining a growing list of Puppy-Friendly Pet Stores throughout North America.

Signing the HSI/Canada Puppy-Friendly Pet Store Pledge is a great way to raise awareness about the important issue of puppy mills and the importance of taking the decision to adopt a pet seriously. Most people are unaware that when they buy a puppy from a pet store or online, they are often supporting an inhumane industry. HSI/Canada encourages anyone looking for a pet to opt to adopt through local shelters or rescue groups.

See a list [PDF] of puppy-friendly stores to support!

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