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December 3, 2010

Dozens of Neglected Dogs Rescued Near Montreal

Humane Society International/Canada

QUEBEC (Dec. 3, 2010)—Humane Society International/Canada and SPA Mauricie, along with ANIMA Quebec, worked together this week to rescue more than 30 dogs in a rural town east of Montreal, Quebec. The animals were seized by ANIMA Quebec after multiple investigations indicated the dogs were not receiving proper care.

“It has been reported by trained investigators that the individual was attempting to assist with animal control for dozens of dogs, and was clearly in over his head,” said Lauren Scott, campaigner for Humane Society International/Canada. “The suffering of these animals clearly demonstrates that more resources must be invested into the proper sheltering and care of homeless animals.”

“The dogs were chained outside, some without any shelter, and were not receiving adequate care,” said Yannick Thibault, ANIMA Quebec. “It is clear that they were suffering from neglect.”

This seizure was “aimed at putting an end to an unsuitable situation for the numerous animals involved,” said Serge Marquis, director of the SPA Mauricie. “We are pleased to have also been able to work within a network of organizations dedicated to improving the living conditions of animals across all of Quebec.”

Rescuers swiftly removed the dogs from the tragic situation, and transported them to an emergency shelter where all of the dogs will receive veterinary treatment, food, water and care. As soon as possible, the dogs will be transported to rescue groups in Canada, where they will be sterilized and adopted into loving homes.

Unfortunately, this situation is not unique, with cases of neglected dogs regularly reported in Canada. HSI Canada is calling upon the municipal, provincial, and federal government to further animal protection by maximizing their presence in the protection of all dogs.


Humane Society International/Canada is a leading force for animal protection, representing tens of thousands of members and constituents across the country. HSI/Canada has active programs in companion animals, wildlife and habitat protection, marine mammal preservation and farm animal welfare. HSI/Canada is proud to be a part of Humane Society International — one of the largest animal protection organizations in the world, with more than ten million members and constituents globally — On the Web at hsicanada.ca.

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