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January 12, 2011

Chinese and International Animal Protection Groups Say “No” to Seal Slaughter Cruelty

More than 40 Chinese organizations urge Gail Shea and sealing industry representatives to leave China

Humane Society International/Canada

  • Chinese groups reject products of cruelty. Gray Mitchell

(Jan. 12, 2011)—Chinese and Canadian animal protection groups are calling on Canada’s Fisheries Minister Gail Shea and Canadian sealing-industry representatives to leave China.

Minister Shea is in China attempting to promote inherently cruel seal fur and other products to Chinese consumers. This visit comes just weeks after a Beijing media conference at which Humane Society International joined Chinese animal protection groups and presented graphic footage of the Canadian commercial seal slaughter.

“The Canadian sealing industry is mistaken if it believes that China will willingly become a dumping ground for products of cruelty the rest of the world has rejected,” said Lu Di, director of China Small Animal Protection Association. “Chinese people care just as much about animals as the citizens of Europe and America. My organization and many others will work to ensure China never becomes a significant market for Canadian seal products.”

China's CNTV featured a story entitled "Say 'NO' to seal products."

“I cannot believe that a civilized nation like Canada would consider promoting this cruel and outdated industry in China,” said Qin Xiaona, director of Beijing’s Capital Animal Welfare Association. “We are confident that Chinese people will join the world community in saying no to the products of this baby seal slaughter.”

“Canadians are opposed to the seal hunt, and so the sealing industry has to rely on the international community to sell its products, said Ha Wejin, Nanjing Ping An Animal Protection Group. “But we know what happens on Canada’s ice floes, and we are not prepared to perpetuate this horrific industry. We urge Gail Shea and her colleagues to leave China immediately along with their seal products.”

“Compassion is a human condition, not a cultural one,” said Rebecca Aldworth, executive director of Humane Society International/Canada. “I saw firsthand the determination of caring people in China to never let their country perpetuate the cruelty of commercial sealing. There is no future for the Canadian sealing industry in China.”

In the wake of the 27 nation European Union banning its trade in products of commercial seal hunts, HSI is calling upon the Canadian government to implement a one-time buyout of the commercial sealing industry. This program would compensate fishermen for any lost income as the seal hunt is closed, and invest in safe, sustainable economic alternatives in the communities involved. A 2010 Ipsos Reid survey found that half of Newfoundland sealers holding an opinion support a federal sealing industry buyout.

Participating Groups
China Small Animal Protection Association
China Small Animal Protection Association-Shanghai
China Small Animal Protection Association-Tianjin
Beijing Capital Animal Welfare Association
China Animal Care Network
Beanstalk Beijing
Beijing Youth Animal Protection Volunteer Group
Beijing Dog and Cat Help Volunteer General Station
Beijing “Hand in Hand” Animal Rescue Center
Beijing Coolpet New Horizon
Beijing Lucky Cats
Beijing Dog and Cat Orphanage
Chongqing Animal Protection Association
Changsha Small Animal Protection Association
Changchun Small Animal Protection Association
Chengde Jingling Youyue Street Animal Rescue Center
Dalian Pet100
Chengdu Home of Love Rescue Center
Guangzhou Home of Pets
Jinan Yellow River Street Dog Rescue Center
Harbin Animal Protection Association
Humane Society International
Nanjing Ping An A Fu Animal Protection Association
Nanning Stray Cat Help Center
Suzhou Small Animal Protection Volunteers Group
Shijiazhuang Mi-Ai Stray Cat Help Center
Shanghai East China Normal University Sunshine Small Animal Protection Group
Shandong Taishan Animal Protection Association
Fuzhou Small Animal Protection Network
Xixi Forestry Guangzhou Cat Protection Group
Hainan Small Animal Protection Association
Hangzhou Stray Animal Rescue Center
Shantou Cat Lovers’ Group
Shenzhen Cat Protection Network
Shenzhen Homeless Dog Sanctuary
Sichuan Guangyuan Universal Love Animal Protection Center
Sichuan Qiming Small Animal Protection Center
Tianjin Home to All
Tianjin Love and Rescue Society
Wuhan Stray Animal Rescue Center
Shanxi Hongshiliu Companion Animal Rescue Center
Xiamen Animal Protection Education Committee
Xiamen A Fu Volunteers Association  


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