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February 15, 2012

HSI/Canada Awards Animal Rescue Fund Grants

Support for community animal rescue groups in 2012

Humane Society International/Canada

  • The Animatch gang. Animatch

  • Nap time. Animatch

  • Belle, about to go to her forever home! Bow Valley SPCA

  • Part of the community. Bow Valley SPCA

  • Circle F’s horses grazing in the sun. Circle F

  • Resting in the shade. Circle F

  • Clancy gives his elder some cheek. Rest Q Sanctuary

  • Safe house in the making for special needs animals. Rest Q Sanctuary

  • Trap-neuter-release program in action. VOKRA

MONTREAL—Humane Society International/Canada is proud to announce that another series of our Animal Rescue Fund grants have been awarded to six outstanding shelters and rescue operations across Canada. Animatch, Bow Valley SPCA, Circle F Horse Rescue, Humane Society Yukon, Rest Q Animal Sanctuary and Vancouver Orphan Kitty Rescue Association will use the funds to help pay for much needed community projects in their efforts to protect animals in the upcoming year.

“The staff and volunteers that run these shelters and rescue groups presented impressive applications that highlighted their dedication to helping animals in their communities find new homes, recover from mistreatment or life on the street and live out their lives enjoying the love and care they deserve,” said Sayara Thurston, campaigner for Humane Society International/Canada.

HSI Canada’s Animal Rescue Fund is a grant program geared towards helping relatively small, established rescue organizations in their animal protection work by funding either a portion of their operational costs or an expansion project. HSI Canada animal rescue fund grants range from $1,000 to $5,000. Read more about the program here.

Final 2011 Rescue Groups Recipients:

Animatch (Quebec)

Animatch is a Quebec-based dog rescue, taking in hundreds of homeless dogs every year and working tirelessly to find them loving forever homes. Animatch was founded in 1999 and can house up to a dozen dogs at a time, all of whom receive loving care from Animatch’s dedicated team of volunteers during their stay in Animatch’s cozy accommodation centre.

Bow Valley SPCA (Alberta)

Bow Valley SPCA boasts a wonderful facility that allows all of their cats and dogs to be cage-free in rooms specifically catered to their needs. The Animal Rescue Grant fund will be going towards their Cinderella Project, which cares for special needs animals by offering them much need veterinary and behavioural care.

Circle F Horse Rescue (British Columbia)

Circle F Horse Rescue and their dedicated volunteers take in and care for unwanted and homeless horses and work to find them loving forever homes. While the horses come from varied backgrounds, Circle F makes sure they all share the same bright future of finding a caring new home. The Animal Rescue Fund grant will help Circle F with their veterinary costs.

Humane Society Yukon (Yukon)

The remote Humane Society Yukon focuses on community awareness and responsible pet ownership in its efforts to care for the animals.

Rest Q. Animal Sanctuary (British Columbia)

The residents of the Rest Q. Animal Sanctuary vary from colourful parrots to majestic horses, with plenty of cats, dogs, chickens and rabbits in between. This Sanctuary offers a forever home to those who would otherwise have trouble finding a loving environment to live out their lives.

Vancouver Orphan Kitty Rescue Association (British Columbia)

Operating with a large network of foster homes, VOKRA cares for well over 1,000 cats and kittens per year. This impressive feat is made possible by VOKRA’s caring volunteers who open their homes, work tirelessly to socialize feral kittens and trap feral adult cats for VOKRA’s spay/neuter program.



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