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July 16, 2012

HSI Calls on Calgary Stampede to Immediately Cancel Inhumane Chuckwagon Race Events Following Horse Deaths

Humane Society International/Canada

  • The suffering of horses at rodeos can never be an acceptable form of entertainment. istock

CALGARY—Humane Society International/Canada calls on the organizers of the Calgary Stampede to immediately cancel all chuckwagon race events following the recent death of three horses. HSI/Canada urges rodeo organizers to discontinue events that cannot be conducted safely and humanely.

“The tragic deaths of three more horses and the serious injury of another confirm that chuckwagon events are inherently unsafe and inhumane,” said Rebecca Aldworth, executive director of Humane Society International/ Canada. “Rodeo events such as the chuckwagon race are not wholesome family fun, but rather cause animal suffering, injury and death.”

The Calgary Stampede has a long record of animal injuries and deaths. Since its inception in 1986, chuckwagon racing has led to nearly 55 horses being killed at the stampede, mainly due to crash injuries or cardiac arrest brought on by stress.

Chuckwagon racing was invented at the Calgary Stampede, and involves several teams of horses pulling wagons in a figure eight course and racing down a track at high speed to the finish line.

Inhumane rodeo events can cause torment and stress to animals and expose them to pain, injury, or even death. While Calgary Stampede supporters try to promote an image of wild, uncontrollable animals, which must be tamed by fearless cowboys, the reality is that animals used in rodeos are ordinary farm animals coerced into fleeing, bucking or other behavior through infliction of pain and stress.

Humane Society International/Canada is calling upon organizers of the Calgary Stampede to immediately cancel the inhumane chuckwagon races once and for all.

Media Contact: Dean Pogas, HSI/Canada: 514-261-6007 or 514-395-2914; dpogas@humanesociety.org


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