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December 19, 2014

Family Dog Recovers After Being Severely Injured When Caught in Leg-Hold Trap

HSI/Canada helps cover vet costs

Humane Society International/Canada

  • Bella, caught in the trap. Peg Pelley

  • Bella, recovered, with Whiskey. Peg Pelley

  • Leghold traps are horrendous. Peg Pelley

MONTREAL—Bella, a Labrador-husky cross, was crying out in pain as she struggled to get a leg-hold trap off her paw, before her family found her in Happy Valley Goose Bay, Labrador. In addition to other injuries, the beloved dog suffered severe damage to 17 of her teeth as she desperately tried to chew through the trap.

Humane Society International/Canada heard about the situation and contacted the family, who were facing large vet bills, and contributed $2,000 toward the costs.

Gabriel Wildgen, campaign manager for HSI/Canada, said: “We are thrilled to be able to help Bella recover from her horrific injuries. Knowing what she went through, one can’t help but imagine the suffering that more than a million animals endure every year getting caught in fur traps in Canada to produce fashion items no one needs. We are calling on all Canadians to say no to wearing fur and spare animals like Bella the misery.”

Megan Pelley, Bella’s human: “It’s so wonderful to have Bella back safe and sound. She was clearly overjoyed to be home in Labrador after this ordeal, and already seems to be feeling much better. We are grateful to Humane Society International for generously contributing to the cost of the vet bill and for sharing our story, and to the many individuals in our community who helped cover our costs as well. The amount of support we’ve received has been overwhelming and heartwarming.”

Bella was flown to Montreal, where she received treatment from a dental surgeon. She is now recovering in the comfort of her Labrador home with the Pelleys and their other dog, Whiskey.

Peg Pelley, Megan’s mother, said: “Seeing Bella stuck in that trap, in excruciating pain, was one of the worst, most helpless feelings of my life. She’s going to be okay now, but this isn’t the end of the story. So many other animals, including our two dogs, are still in danger of being caught in traps.

“My husband spent one season as a trapper. After seeing how much animals suffer in those traps, we realized killing animals only to skin them and sell their fur is not worth it, and is wrong, so he gave it up. Canada needs better laws to protect our animals, and we need more people to oppose killing animals just for their fur.”

No laws are in place to restrict traps from being placed near residential areas, so the person responsible for the trap that injured Bella will not face any legal repercussions. Up to two-thirds of animals caught in traps are non-target animals, including companion animals and even endangered species.

Animals caught in traps struggle painfully for hours or even days before they are recovered by a trapper and finally killed.


Media Contact: Christopher Pare – office: 514 395-2914 / cell: 438 402-0643, email: cpare@hsi.org

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