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April 17, 2015

Buyout for Sealers Urged as Sealing Organization Struggles

Humane Society International/Canada calls on government to invest in viable economic alternatives for sealers

Humane Society International/Canada

  • Rebecca Aldworth/HSI

Following an announcement today by the Canadian Sealers Association that the organization will scale back and restructure in light of financial challenges, Humane Society International/Canada Executive Director Rebecca Aldworth stated the following:

"Canada's largest seal processor isn't buying seal fur and the Canadian Sealers Association is scaling back because of economic hardship. It is clear the commercial sealing industry is at a crossroads.

The CSA says it is seeking input from stakeholders to discuss future options for the sealing industry. Humane Society International has been at the forefront of a global campaign to end commercial sealing and we are committed to finding a constructive solution that can move Canada beyond commercial sealing. We would welcome the opportunity to participate in the consultation and discuss industry views of a federal buyout of the commercial sealing industry.

Commercial sealing has been kept alive through government subsidies for decades. It is not in the best interests of sealers and their communities to offer hollow promises of markets that will never exist. Instead, our government should invest in a fair transition program for sealers and the development of viable economic alternatives. HSI/Canada would like to work with sealers to convince the government to act."

Call for a federal buyout of Canada’s commercial sealing industry.

Media Contact: Christopher Paré 514 395-2914, cpare@hsi.org

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