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April 28, 2015

Town of Mount Royal Prohibits Pet Sales in Pet Stores

Humane Society International/Canada welcomes move, encourages other municipalities to follow TMR’s example

Humane Society International/Canada

  • Puppy mill puppy. Meredith Lee/The HSUS

The Town of Mount Royal, a borough of Montreal, has announced it will restrict the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in an effort to combat pet overpopulation and substandard breeding operations.

Once implemented, the bylaw will require that dogs, cats and rabbits sold in pet stores come strictly from registered shelters, humane societies and rescue groups.

Ewa Demianowicz, campaign manager for Humane Society International/Canada said: “We are thrilled that the Town of Mount Royal is following the example of many compassionate Canadian cities and taking concrete actions to improve the welfare of companion animals by restricting pet sales on its territory. It is a known fact that pets sold in pet stores often come from unethical breeders or inhumane puppy mills. Banning the sale of commercially bred dogs, cats and rabbits will not only close off a channel of distribution for substandard breeding operations, but it will also raise awareness about animal welfare and promote adoption. We are encouraging every municipality to follow TMR’s example and prohibit the sale of pets in pet stores in their community.”

Help HSI rescue animals from puppy mills, animal fighting operations, hoarders and other cruel situations.

Media Contact: Christopher Paré – 514 395-2914, cpare@hsi.org

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