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September 18, 2015

HSI/Canada Rescues more than 60 Cats and Kittens from Hoarding Situation In Quebec

Humane Society International/Canada, Quebec Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

  • The animals will be transported back to a emergency shelter where will receive the care and attention they need. Michael Bernard/HSI Canada

MONTREAL – Dozens of cats and kittens were rescued from neglect and are now on their way to an emergency shelter where they will receive proper care. Humane Society International/Canada assisted the Quebec Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in removing the 60 animals from a hoarding situation after the owner in the Abitibi-Temiscamingue region of Quebec surrendered them.

Ewa Demianowicz, campaign manager for HSI/Canada, said: “We are happy that the owner decided to surrender these animals and that we can begin the process of rehabilitation. These cats and kittens will be transported back to our emergency shelter where will receive the care and attention they need.”

Because the cats have been willingly surrendered, they will be ready for adoption as soon as they recover in the coming weeks.

For information on how to help HSI/Canada assist these cats by volunteering or donating, members of the public can visit hsicanada.ca.


  • Nearly 250,000 animals in North America are victims of animal hoarding each year. Unlike other types of animal cruelty, the perpetrators don't always accept or recognize the suffering endured by their animals – rather, animal hoarders usually ardently believe they are saving or rescuing the animals they keep.
  • Animals in hoarding conditions often suffer extreme neglect, including lack of food, proper veterinary care, and sanitary conditions and overcrowding.
  • In the past two years alone, HSI/Canada has assisted with the seizure of more than 400 cats and dogs neglected and abused animals in Quebec, including many animals kept by hoarders.
  • Recently, MAPAQ Minister Pierre Paradis put forward Bill 54 to improve the well-being and welfare of animals in Quebec.

Media contact: Ewa Demianowicz: t: 514 395-2914, c: 514 575-3499, edemianowicz@hsi.org

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