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HSI traveled to Gyeonggi-do province, South Korea, to shut down a dog meat farm and save more than 80 dogs from slaughter.

We have worked in South Korea for the past three years and have permanently closed down 11 dog meat farms, transporting more than 1,300 dogs to safety in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

The farm closures are a key part of our broader strategy to demonstrate to the South Korean government a working model for a state-sponsored, nationwide closure of farms. We have been working directly with farmers who have expressed a desire to end their involvement in the industry, identifying ways to shut down the farms and transition to humane livelihoods, such as sustainable crop-growing businesses. The Gyeonggi-do farmer, who has raised dogs for human consumption for 10 years, will now grow mushrooms.

Most of the dogs from Farm 11 have gone to Canada.

Shutting Down Farm 11

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    At our emergency shelter in Montreal, volunteers help us rehabilitate rescued animals, clean their cages on a daily basis and socialize them so they can be ready for placement through our partners. Give hands-on care

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    The rescued dogs will be transported to Emergency Placement Partner (EPP) shelters in Canada—who will then facilitate the adoptions after assessing and addressing any health or behavioral concerns (to be listed here as they become available).EPPs

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    HSI is fighting to end the dog meat trade across Asia. Learn more about our efforts and what you can do to help stop this cruelty. Our campaign Take action Give now



    Video from Farm 11

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