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April 13, 2011

How Your Donation Saves Seals

Humane Society International/Canada

Read the latest news on Canada's seal slaughter 

Canada's seal slaughter is a barbaric annual event where men armed with rifles and clubs descend on the ice to kill seal pups for their fur.

Many of these animals are so young that they may never yet have eaten solid food. They are utterly defenseless.

Your donations help us document the seal slaughter so that we can effectively:

  • Campaign throughout southeast Asia for bans on trade in seal products
  • Defend the European Union seal product trade ban from Canada's aggressive World Trade Organization challenge
  • Promote a federal sealing industry buyout in which the Canadian government would compensate the sealers for lost income when the slaughter ends and promote employment alternatives

Why continued support is critical

Our campaign is a bigger project than one might imagine because of entrenched political support for the slaughter. Our efforts to save the seals also extend far beyond Canada to Asia, Europe, and the rest of the world. Consider these facts:

  • We're fighting a powerful industry that has been established for centuries with the full support of its government, and it will take a multi-year international endeavor to bring it down.
  • Documenting the cruelty of the seal slaughter requires major expenditures. Helicopters, video equipment, staff time, and many other necessities of this campaign are very expensive.
  • We and our partners are currently working in 30 countries to shut the slaughter down.
  • Thanks to your support, we are making significant progress. We now see increased political support for ending the seal slaughter and a massive reduction in the number of seals killed each year.
  • We believe the end to this slaughter of baby animals is within sight. To take full advantage of the progress we've made, we need a major victory to tip the balance in favor of the seals. This will only be possible with the continued support of caring people like you. 

See a list of our recent victories; then, help us get to the finish line and end the slaughter forever.

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