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December 1, 2009

Protect Seals Resources

Humane Society International/Canada

About the Canadian Seal Slaughter: Q&A

Canada's Commercial Seal Slaughter Explained (infographic, 2012)

Fast Facts on Canada's Commercial Seal Hunt

Quelques faits sur l'abattage commercial du phoque au Canada [PDF]

Myths and Facts About Canada's Commercial Seal Hunt

Mythes et réalités à propos de la chasse au phoque canadienne [PDF]

A Review of Animal Welfare Implications of the Canadian Commercial Seal Hunt [PDF]

The Economics of the Commercial Seal Hunt

Les réalités économiques de l'abbattage du phoque au Canada [PDF]

Seals and Fisheries Interactions

Seals, Sea Ice and Climate Change [PDF]

The Case for a Sealing Industry Buyout [PDF]

The Potential for Marine Ecotourism [PDF]

Harp Seal Populations in the Northwest Atlantic [PDF]

Most Seals Killed Less Than Three Months of Age

Materials for parents, teachers and young people

More resources 

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