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February 15, 2012

Take Action to Stop Puppy Mills

Humane Society International/Canada

  • Forced to breed again and again. Michelle Riley/The HSUS

Puppy mills exist because unwitting consumers buy puppies from pet stores and online, without ever realizing that they are contributing to this cruel industry. There are several easy steps you can take to help us stop this vicious cycle.

1. Visit your local pet store and encourage the store to become a Puppy-Friendly Pet Store. Store owners who sign and return the pledge which declares that they will discontinue selling puppies in their store, or those who "make official" a current policy of not selling puppies, will be listed on the HSI/Canada website. They will also receive materials to display promoting their decision and to educate their customers about puppy mills.

Re-visit! Make a follow-up visit to your local pet store or visit more stores in your community and ask them to sign on to be a Puppy-Friendly Pet Store. Work with your local store to help facilitate partnerships with animal shelters that will bring new business into the stores and increase the adoption rates of local shelters.

Get tips on how to help stores go puppy friendly » [PDF]

Download and print the puppy friendly pet store invitation and pledge to bring to the store » [PDF]

See a list of puppy-friendly stores to support! In Canada In the U.S.

2. Sign the "Stop Puppy Mills" pledge for the public, promising not to shop at stores where puppies are sold. Then, please ask your friends and family to do the same.

3. Write to newspaper editors about the pet store/Internet puppy mill connection.

Download a letter you can sign and send to your local paper »

4. Like the HSI/Canada Facebook page to get the latest news on our campaign to stop puppy mills.

5. Donate. Your donation will help us lobby for stronger municipal, provincial and federal laws that will help shut down puppy mills for good, as well as prevent other forms of cruelty, and it will help us raise awareness about this horrible industry. Give today.

6. Volunteer with HSI/Canada. We are sometimes looking for dedicated individuals to help us with our campaign. Send us an email at info@hsi.org for more information. 

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