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HSI's European Policy Office is working to save more than 12 million animals from suffering and death in laboratories across the EU.

Our experts are working in Brussels to replace animal tests with advanced, non-animal techniques and achieve better protection for animals in laboratories. We've been instrumental in securing the largest-ever reduction in animal test requirements through revising EU biocide and pesticide regulations, and were at the forefront of the campaign to transform Europe's animal experiments directive.

Today, we aim to shape the EU's Horizon 2020 research funding programme to prioritise human-relevant, non-animal approaches to advance biomedicine and promote innovation. We're also lobbying to revise testing requirements under the EU chemicals regulation, REACH, to achieve maximum use of available alternative methods.

Take action through our issues below and help HSI end animal testing in the EU.

  • Biocides and Pesticides

    HSI has been instrumental in securing major reductions in animal test requirements under revised EU biocide and pesticide regulations.

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  • Chemicals

    Outdated testing requirements in Europe's 'REACH' chemicals law could mean needless suffering and death for tens of millions of animals.

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  • Cosmetics

    WE WON! As of 11 March 2013, newly animal-tested cosmetic products and ingredients are banned from sale in the EU, and it's all thanks to your support.

    Cause for celebration
  • Horizon 2020

    HSI is working to secure millions in dedicated funding for animal-free health research and safety testing under the EU's new 'Horizon 2020' programme.

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  • Shellfish Toxins

    Hundreds of thousands of mice die each year in agonising shellfish toxin tests because some EU countries have been slow to switch to non-animal alternatives.

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  • Stronger Legal Protections

    HSI played a key role in securing life-saving measures under Europe's new animal experiments law.

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  • Victories

    Our campaigns have saved millions of animals by eliminating inhumane tests and advancing acceptance of alternatives.

    See our 2013 resultsSee our 2012 results



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