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December 28, 2012

HSI/Europe: 2012 Accomplishments

Humane Society International/Europe

  • We're making progress in our efforts to stop shark finning. Vanessa Mignon

  • HSI/Europe launched our EU horse slaughter campaign in 2012. Jennifer Kunz/The HSUS

  • We're closer than ever to ending the commercial seal hunt. Mark Glover/HSI

  • We're working to keep animals and humans healthy. Michelle Riley/The HSUS

Thanks to your support, HSI/Europe is proud to have helped achieve the following victories for animals in 2012:

Shark finning

  • Following HSI’s intensive campaign, on 22 November an overwhelming majority of Members of the European Parliament (566 to 47) voted to close loopholes in legislation to ensure an end to shark finning by European Union boats.

Horse slaughter

Animal welfare strategy

  • HSI/Europe worked to raise awareness of the shortcomings of the European Commission’s new EU Animal Welfare Strategy 2012-2015, lobbying MEPs to ensure that the Parliament adopted a strong report on it.

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Protect seals

Companion animals

  • HSI/Europe's director joined the Sociology and Welfare Expert Advisory Group of the three-year CALLISTO (Companion Animals multisectoriaL interprofessionaL Interdisciplinary Strategic Think tank On zoonoses) research project (funded by the European Commission), which deals with the role of companion animals as a source of infectious diseases for people and farm animals.
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