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March 4, 2013

HSI/Europe Open Letter to the Irish Presidency of the EU Regarding Horizon 2020

Humane Society International/Europe

As policy makers, scientists and companies from 100 different countries prepare to attend the 4-8 March conference "EU Science: Global Challenges, Global Collaboration", hosted by the Irish Presidency of the European Union, Humane Society International/Europe has penned an open letter to EU decision-makers calling for a strong commitment to boosting human biology-based, non-animal health and safety research.

The forthcoming EU research and innovation framework programme, Horizon 2020, provides a critical opportunity for Europe to lead the world in truly groundbreaking health research—an area of science that has struggled to make progress on important diseases such as cancer, asthma and degenerative neurological disorders. These difficulties are attributable in large part to the limitations of research that uses mice and other animals as “models” for human biology.

Read HSI's open letter

Read HSI/Europe's report "Advancing Safety Science and Health Research with Innovative, Non-Animal Tools"

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