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November 19, 2009

Seal Campaign Wins Award

Ban the Cruel Seal Trade wins "Campaign of the Year"

Humane Society International

  • 250,000 seal pups saved in 2009. HSI

We won with your help!
Last week, Humane Society International won the highly coveted "Campaign of the Year" award at the European Public Affairs Awards in Brussels.
The award was for our Ban the Cruel Seal Trade campaign—and we’d like to thank all our supporters for their help, for taking action again and again for the seals.
You helped us win this prestigious award, and more importantly, you helped us convince the politicians in Brussels to ban the cruel trade in seal products—so thank you!

Our Ban the Cruel Seal Trade campaign took place during an intense four-month period, from January to March 2009 and included, amongst other elements:

  • More than 150 face-to-face meetings with Members of the European Parliament;
  • A petition that gathered over 220,000 signatures in a matter of weeks;
  • Newsletters, in print and email format, every week, for many hundreds of politicians and decisions-makers throughout Europe;
  • A regularly updated campaign website, bansealtrade.eu;
  • Adverts in a whole range of European print and online newspapers and magazines;
  • Targeted online actions to ensure our supporters' voices were heard by our elected politicians.

Read more about the many elements of the Ban the Cruel Seal Trade campaign

The campaign achieved its goal: the European Union voted to ban the trade in seal products in May 2009. Meanwhile, the threat of a ban helped save the lives of 250,000 seal pups earlier this year.
We are grateful for your help thus far, and hope that you will continue to work with us to put a permanent end to Canada’s commercial seal slaughter.

Not over yet

Sadly, we still have some way to go to ensure the cruel seal hunt is ended once and for all.

Earlier this month, Canada formally approached the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to request consultations in response to the European ban. And only last week, the Nova Scotia government voted to revise its Wilderness Areas Protection Act, a move which will permit the commercial slaughter of baby grey seals on Hay Island, a protected nature reserve.

Now, we are working to put pressure on the Canadian government by widening our campaign to boycott Canadian seafood until the killing stops. The seals still need your help —please sign up today.