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May 29, 2013

Living in Harmony

Humane Society International/India

  • Street dogs don't deserve to be treated as a nuisance. Erin Van Voorhies/HSUS

by Keren Nazareth

One day a few months ago, Rahul Sehgal, Asia director for HSI, was contacted by a friend who is also animal lover and a realtor in the city of Ahmedabad. He has been developing high-end weekend homes for wealthy residents.

As the project was coming to a close and buyers were starting to look at places, he began receiving complaints about stray dogs hanging around his buildings.

Instead of taking the too-typical route of removing the dogs and relocating them or complaining to city officials, he requested our aid in finding a humane solution. Rahul says, “He understands and believes that animals have rights too and that there is a benefit in keeping them around a neighborhood.”

Donate today to support our efforts to assist street dogs worldwide.

HSI sent a strike team to the site to pick up the dogs, sterilize and return them to where they had been found. The realtor also took on the responsibility of explaining to the home buyers that the dogs were healthy and could serve as good guard dogs for the area.

Setting an example

Today, many a happy dog is seen lounging in the vicinity, being fed by both construction workers and homeowners.

HSI welcomes such inquiries for assistance. Rahul says, “It is such a wonderful feeling knowing that there are people out there who care and are happy to seek a more scientific and humane way of managing street dog populations. We invite other realtors to similarly become part of a more benevolent and inclusive society.”

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