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April 25, 2016

Earthquake in Nepal: One Year Later

Humane Society International/India

  • Ghusel. HSI

  • A tarp still in use. HSI

  • Shete with HSI staff. HSI

  • Shete. HSI

  • Tuli and her kids. HSI

  • Kali and her calf. HSI

A year after an earthquake struck Nepal, HSI staff visited Ghusel, a collection of small villages in Lalitpur District, 1,700 feet (518 metres) above sea level and 30 kms south of Kathmandu. As they traveled along the bumpy roads, they could still see many of the tarps distributed by HSI and Animal Welfare Network Nepal in the wake of the disaster. On this journey, they met with three farmers they had helped and were reunited with several animals who had recovered thanks to their aid.

Shete, helped to heal

Life came to a standstill for Bhulen Bahadur after he lost four buffaloes in the earthquake. Meanwhile Shete, the youngest of all the calves, was hurt when the violent tremors brought a whole shack down on him. With grievous injuries to his back and shoulder, Shete was rendered completely immobile until Humane Society International and Animal Welfare Network Nepal came to his rescue.

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The gaping wound on his shoulder required constant dressing and care for 15 days, and it took more than a month for him to heal completely, but he greeted the team with an unmatchable spirit on their return. That he had regained strength in a year was clearly evident in his grunts and movements. At ease, he obligingly posed for the camera.

Kali’s miraculous recovery

His father’s death and the loss of six calves and more than 1,800 chickens as a result of the earthquake completely shattered Shyam Gautam. When the catastrophe stuck, a shed fell on Kali, his 10-year-old buffalo, then five months pregnant. The collapse caused severe neck injuries and left her with a fractured leg. Shyam was shell-shocked and heartbroken in the face of calamity; his house was reduced to debris and he hoped only to save the lives of his remaining animals.

In the days after the earthquake, with support from HSI, the District Livestock Officer of Lalitpur put a plaster on Kali’s front leg and monitored her pregnancy. It took about three weeks to heal the crack in her leg and treat her neck.

On visiting the family last week, the team was happy to find Kali with her adorable, healthy young calf. Sanjay Gautam said, “The aid provided by HSI and AWNN was a gift of life to Kali. Her miraculous recovery is a testimony of their relentless support and persistence on not giving up on her.”

Tuli, the little survivor

When a barn collapsed due to the earthquake, Tuli fractured her leg and suffered multiple injuries. Two other buffaloes at the same farm also suffered multiple injuries during this disaster.

With HSI’s help, Tuli quickly recupterated. Her owner, Purushottam Gimire, also recovered and now has rebuilt a beautiful new barn, after living for months in the shelter of tarps provided by HSI and our partners.

Tuli recently became a mother of three lovely kids. It was wonderful to see her babies prancing around her. Her fellow buffaloes have also completely healed and are now in fine form.

HSI remains committed to helping Nepal in the long term and just launched a street dog population management program in Kathmandu, as a start. Give now to support our life-saving work.

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